Best Fishing Hooks | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2022

Best Fishing Hooks
Investing in the best fishing hooks is a must if you are serious about angling. Although they might look simple enough, fish hooks are a pivotal part of your angling setup and can have a huge impact on your chances of landing a catch and successfully reeling it in (especially with something like the PENN Slammer III). Rather than overlook the importance of fishing hooks, you should be thinking long and hard about them and ensuring you pick the right type to match your requirements. Unsure of what type of hook you should be using? Need some guidance on what makes a quality hook? Our guide explores all the essential information you need to familiarise yourself with.

Fishing Hook Components

Each and every fishing hook is made up of several key components. Arguably the most important aspect of any hook is the point. This is the part of the hook that makes contact with the mouth of a fish before anything else. To ensure smooth penetration, the hook should be as sharp as possible. Not only will a sharp hook slide into the lip of the fish more easily, it will also prevent any potential cash from becoming injured and dying before you can reel it in. The sharper the hook, the better. If you notice the point of your hook is blunt or damaged, it is time to throw it away and replace it with a new one.

The bend of a hook is another key thing to consider. The bend refers to the curved part of a hook, although it is actually composed of two distinct elements. These are the throat and the gape. The throat refers to the maximum penetration depth of a hook. The gape refers tot he width of a hook, measured from shank to point. When we talk about the shank, we are referring to the part of the hook that connects the eye to the bend. Shanks can come in varying lengths, ranging from short to long.

Another thing you want to consider is the hook eye. Just like a sewing needle, the eye of a hook is the loop which you will use to feed in line. Hook eyes come in various forms, with the loop opening faced upwards, downwards or straight on.

You also need to become familiar with hook gauges. The gauge of a hook is the diameter of the wire it is made of. The heavier the gauge, the more resistant a hook will be to bending and warping. If you are looking to catch bigger fish, you will definitely want a hook with a heavier gauge. However, the downside is that heavy gauge hooks are harder to conceal with bait and decoys. Therefore, a smaller gauge hook may be preferable in most situations.

Finally, you have the gape. This refers to the distance between the shank of the hook and its point. A wider gape will usually result in a firmer hold of any fish that bite down onto bait.

Main Types of Fishing Hooks

If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can assess the effectiveness of any individual hook by referring to its specs. Some times however, you may want to simply go for a hook variety that is tailored toward specific fishing situations.

A circle hook is a popular choice for many anglers. As the name would suggest, these hooks are circular in appearance, with a distinctive curve. Compared to other hook varieties, circle hooks provide you with superior hold. They are particularly useful if you are using live bait.

If you are looking for enhanced strength and superior hooking performance, a wide gape hook is a good option. Wide gap hooks are often the best way to go if you are looking to catch bigger fish. With these hooks, you can apply more significant pressure when reeling fish in, without the worry of the fish wriggling its way free.

If you plan on using smaller bait, you should think about crystal hooks. These curve of these hooks make it easier to conceal them, even when using smaller bait varieties like maggots. Because the attached bait can be hung directly beneath the point, you will generally experience a better chance of landing a bite with a crystal hook.

If you prefer sea fishing, an Aberdeen hook I worth considering. These saltwater fishing hooks are made from light wire and generally have a thinner diameter than other hook varieties. This means you can hook larger bait onto them without damaging them too much. Because of the narrow point, large bait can be kept alive and wriggling for longer. This makes it easier to attract the attention of big fish and land a bite.

Best Fishing Hooks | Reviews

In the market for some new fishing hooks? Read on for our personal selection of some of the best fish hook options around. Find everything from circle hooks to jig hooks, complete hook sets and more.

Mustad Classic 2 Extra Strong in Line Point Duratin Circle Fishing Hook | Strong for Heavy Tuna | Fewer Deep Hooks for Catch and Release

This Mustad circle hook is an essential for anglers looking to tackle heavier fish who struggle on the line. The curved shape of his hook means that when a fish takes the bait, the hook will position itself in the corner of the lip or mouth. This dramatically minimises the chance of deep-hooked catches. This circle hook has broad angling applications. You can use when trolling, kiting or drifting. However, if you plan on using live bait, you should make sure you have picked a hook size that is suitable for the kind of bait you are working with.

This is a particularly good option for those looking for a catch and release hook. The MTL-V1 point also makes it a very efficient option, with a sharpened construction making it one of the best quality choices on the market. The sharp and streamlined profile of this hook results in less chance of hook penetration, especially when you compare it to the majority of hooks out there. This heavy-duty hook also boasts innovative Mustad wire technology and tempering construction that makes it a relatively lightweight choice. Despite the lightweight construction of this hook, you will not have to settle for second-rate strength and durability.

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Mustad Classic 2 Extra Strong Dublin Point Stainless Steel Double Hook with Extra Short Open Shank

Here is another superb Mustad Classic fishing hook. This stainless steel hook has a wide gap design, although it is still comparable in size to standard treble hooks. This is also a good option for those looking for a powerful choice of hook. The inline hook eye and point combine to provide you with a heavy-duty addition to your tackle essentials. This hook also features a distinct bend that will prevent fish from freeing themselves after chomping down on bait. The double hook point also means you can use more bait than single hooks, increasing your odds of successfully landing a catch. It also makes this hook a good option when fishing for largemouth bass.

As with other hooks from the Mustad Classic line, this Dublin point design provides you with superior wire technology and a nor-tempering construction. The result is a fish hook that is surprisingly lightweight, yet still incredibly strong and well positioned to handle bigger fish. With ten hooks included in every pack, this is also a great value option for those looking to bolster their tackle essentials at minimal cost.

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Mustad 3407SSD Classic O’Shaughnessy 2 Extra Strong Forged Duratin Hook (100-Pack)

These Mustad O’Shaughnessy hooks bring you the benefits of forged construction, making them well suited to anglers looking to land big fish. These extra-strong hooks boast a wider gap, which is comparable in size to a standard treble. An essential addition to your tackle bag, these bait hooks have an inline hook eye and point to create a powerful hookup solution. Another great feature of this hook is its unique bend. This means that that the hook point is pushed toward the corner of the fish’s mouth, making it harder for potential catches to wriggle free.

This quality hook is ideal for tackling large fish. The advanced wire technology and nor-tempering process used in this construction of this hook makes it both lightweight and stronger than similarly priced hooks on the market. These hooks also come in a variety of different sizes, allowing you to choose one perfectly matched to the kind of fish species you are looking to land. You can use these hooks for hooking catfish, minnows and more. The premium construction of these hooks also make them hard-wearing. They will cope with regular use in saltwater conditions, without the worry of corrosion causing any issues. They will last even longer when used in freshwater conditions.

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Mustad 7691S Big Game Southern and Tuna Stainless Steel Forged Fishing Hook | Fish Hook Tackle Equipment | Tapered Ring Knife Point

These Mustad 7691S stainless steel hooks have been designed with game fishing in mind. An essential addition to your tackle box, these forged hooks bring together advanced light wire technology with the benefits of a nor-tempering process to provide you with a superior choice of tackle for hooking big fish. The hooks are more lightweight than other options out there, but are comparably stronger than many other hooks. As with all hook patterns from Mustad, these forged hooks have gone through extensive bend testing to ensure they will handle larger species usually encountered when saltwater fishing.

The bend of this hook also means that any nibbling fish will be forced into the elbow of the hook. This makes it harder for them to throw the hook and escape the line. These hooks are suitable for single or tandem rigging, while the inward point of the hook provides you with a superior hook set. You can also enjoy significant holding strength. The stainless steel coating of these hooks also means you can use them regularly in saltwater, without worrying about corrosion causing premature damage.

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Gamakatsu Black EWG Offset Worm Hook

These offset worm hooks are one of the most popular choices of tackle from Gamakatsu. This is an incredibly versatile hook, providing you with superior performance and an extra-wide gap that makes it ideal for landing larger catches.. This EWG worm hook is suitable for all manner of rigging with live bait, but can also be used with soft plastic bait. If you want a premium choice of fishing hook that can be used in a wide variety of angling scenarios, this is definitely the way to go.

This hook also trounces the competition when it comes to durability and long-lasting use. High carbon steel has been used to provide you with a quality hook that copes well with heavier fish. The premium material not only results in a stronger forged hook, but also means you can use it regularly before having to replace it with a new one. The needle-honed points also help to extend the life of this hook, providing you with incredible levels of sharpness that will take a long time to become blunt. A unique tempering process has also been used in the production of these hooks, further enhancing the durability of them and maximising their strength. You also have a range of different sizes to consider when selecting a hook suitable for your needs. With these hooks, you have something to accommodate all sizes of fish, ranging from small species to more substantial game fish varieties.

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Mustad Classic 2 Extra Strong Kirbed Offset Point Duratin Circle Hook | Strong for Heavy Tuna | Fewer Deep Hooks for Catch and Release

These Kirbed circle hooks from Mustad will become a firm fixture of your angling excursions. These quality hooks have a distinctive curved design. When a fish successfully takes the bait and swallows, the hook is pushed toward the corner of the fish’s mouth, securing them on the hook and allowing you to more easily reel your catch to shore. You can also use this hook for a wide variety of angling applications. It is suitable for trolling, kiting and drifting. A variety of sizes are on offer here, so you will need to ensure you pick a size that is suitable for the kind of bait you are planning on using.

The offset point of this hook is another attractive benefit that will give you an edge when fishing for larger species. Not only will the finer point allow for easier hooking of fish when they take the bait, the sharper finish means your hooks will last for longer. This hook has also been treated with Duratin coating to provide you with exceptional resistance against corrosion. Therefore, this hook is suitable for use in saltwater and freshwater alike. The advanced wire technology and nor-tempering processed used in the construction of these hooks make them a lighter choice than most alternatives. Despite the lighter construction, these hooks do not disappoint in terms of strength.

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BT Outdoors Custom Colored Eagle Claw Fish Hook Hat Pin,21 Colores Choices,Custom Hat Fish Hook Clip for Cap

These Eagle Claw fish hooks from BT Outdoors offer an inexpensive way to seriously bolster the contents of your tackle box. These hat pin hooks are not just affordable, they are incredibly hard-wearing and a good option for those who do not want to think about replacing their essentials ahead of time. Each and every hook boasts a powder coating that dramatically extends their service life, while also ensuring they can be used in all water conditions. The powder coating comes in a variety of different colours, giving you the chance to add a touch of personality to your angling essentials.

These hat pin hooks can be slid easily onto a cap, or alternatively used as a tire clasp. Measuring two inches in length, these hooks are also substantial enough that they can be used to lure in bigger species of fish. They may lack the forged strength of other hook designs in this list, but they are certainly something to consider if you want to stock up on the basics and want to avoid spending a small fortune on the essentials.

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Sougayilang Fishing Hooks High Carbon Steel Worm Soft Bait Jig Fish Hooks with Plastic Box

These Sougayilang fishing hooks will satisfy the needs of demanding anglers looking for superior durability and strength. Made from high carbon steel, these are among some of the strongest and most reliable hooks in this list. Not only do they offer incredible strength for catching bigger fish species, the hard-wearing materials will cope well against saltwater conditions and resist corrosion. However, they are also well suited to freshwater conditions. This is also a very affordable option for those looking to replenish their tackle box. Fifty individual hooks are included, with a range of different sizes on offer so you have the perfect hook for each and every type of bait in your bait box. A reusable plastic box is also included for convenient storage of your hooks.

Each hook features a barbed point that allows for easier placement of your bait. Should a fish take the bait and swallow, the barbed points also allow for deeper penetration, ensuring the fish is kept firmly in place. Used properly, these hooks are perfect for ensuring your catches stay on the line as you reel them, eliminating the chance of them throwing the hook and escaping back out into the water.

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UCEC 150pcs/box Circle Hooks 2X Strong Customized Offset Sport Circle Hooks Black High Carbon Steel Octopus Fishing Hooks – Size:#1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 8/0

These UCEC octopus hooks are a must-have for any angler looking to improve their chance of landing big fish. These hooks feature a unique design that includes an offset point, specialist barbed end and incredible levels of sharpness. All of these features combine to ensure that the point of the hook is pushed into the corner of the fish’s mouth. This prevents the chance of fish suffering from catastrophic injury when chomping down on the baitholder. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, this hook set includes eight different sizes. This means you have a hook suitable for a wide range of fish species, including catfish, walleye species, trout and salmon.

These hooks also impress with their first-rate construction. High carbon steel has been used to produce you with hooks that are incredibly strong. The material also holds up well against salinity, meaning you will not have to worry about corrosion prematurely damaging your angling essentials. The curves and contours of these circle hooks also ensure effortless hooking of curious fish, with the barb particularly sharp to ensure precise penetration and minimal injury.

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Things to Remember When Shopping for Fishing Hooks

Anglers looking for a versatile hook for everyday fishing should definitely stick to circle hooks and crystal hooks. Circle hooks are particularly effective as they provide superior hooking and a strong hold. They can also be used successfully with live bait, making them useful for luring in larger species of fish. Crystal hooks are the way to go if you are looking to use maggots and smaller bait. However, crystal hooks are usually best reserved for fishing in freshwater and when attempting to land smaller catches.

If you are looking to land big fish, a wide gap hook is a good idea. They have exceptional hooking properties and are relatively strong. If you plan on heading offshore to enjoy a spot of saltwater fishing, you should think about an Aberdeen hook. With these powerful hooks, you can fish with live bait and increase your chances of landing big fish species.


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