Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Review | 2022 Guide

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Review

Kayak fishing is a great alternative to conventional angling, although you will need a yak that is designed for the rigorous demands of fishing on the move. A good fishing kayak that needs be able to manoeuvre quickly and easily, while you will also need plenty of storage space provided to accommodate all your fishing gear. You also need to be able to mount rod holders, fish finders and other angling extras to your hull to make your fishing trips as enjoyable as possible.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Review

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is definitely worth your time if you are looking to purchase a new fishing yak. Although fairly affordable, this premium kayak offers a huge amount of first-rate features tailored toward the needs of anglers.

Kayak Dimensions & Weight Capacity

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is a sit-on variety of fishing kayak. With a total length of 11 feet and a width of 33 inches, it is a relatively compact choice of yak. The hull also weights in at around 60 pounds, making it one of the more lightweight options on the market. Due to its compact dimensions and relatively light design, this kayak will prove easy to handle for solo kayakers. Even if you have little experience with this type of vessel, you should have no trouble cutting through choppy waters. Although this is shorter than many other kayak models, the upside is that it is fairly easy to carry the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 to and from the shore. Because of this, you will not have to invest in a kayak cart to transport your watercraft to where you need it to be.

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is designed for solo kayaking, but it offers an impressive weight capacity. This kayak will cope with max weights of 425 pounds. This capacity will comfortably handle a single user of any size, along with a substantial amount of accessories and other gear. When you compare the weight capacity of this kayak to other models out there, the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is definitely one of the best in class. In fact, many kayaks with a longer hull and wider profile offer a lower weight capacity than what is allowable here.

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Build & Construction

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is made from high-quality polyethylene, with rotational molding used to produce a one-piece hull that holds up well against demanding situations. Due to the advanced rotomolded process used in the construction of this kayak, you can expect a watercraft that exceeds expectations when it comes to durability. This rugged yak will withstand regular exposure to water and the elements, while it can also handle impacts without the hull becoming damaged. This is an affordable and long-lasting yak you can put to good use for years.

The high-density polyethylene used in the construction of this kayak does not come without its downsides. Should you run into trouble on the water and experience significant hull damage, it is nigh on impossible to carry out an easy repair. With an inflatable kayak, you can simply reach for a patch repair kit should you puncture the hull. This is not an option here. Carrying out a repair is possible, but you will need to have HDPE plastic to hand and be familiar with welding techniques in order to apply it. Thankfully, the skid plate of this kayak can be replaced with relatively little fuss.

How Stable is this Kayak?

Stability is a major concern for anyone looking to invest in a new kayak. It is particularly important for those who want to use their kayak for fishing. The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is relatively stable, but it may prove difficult for you to stand upright in the yak to cast off or reel in a fish. While stability is not a problem when sat down and paddling, keeping your balance when standing upright is a different matter entirely. If you are of average height and weight, the Sea Ghost 110 should prove stable enough for you to stand up for short periods of time, but you will still need to think about maintaining your balance. However, the taller angler will have a much more difficult time standing upright.

How Easy is it to Control the Sea Ghost 110?

Although it loses some points in regards to stability, the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 excels when it comes to manoeuvrability. As the kayak is a fairly short vessel, it is fairly simple to turn it so you can change your direction on the water. Not only can you quickly change direction, the effort required to do so is minimal. This kayak also utilises an ingenious rudder system that further improves manoeuvrability. To be honest, you probably won’t need to use the rudder as the kayak handles well enough when paddling. However, should you need a little more support to change direction, the toe-controlled rudder makes life straightforward.

Tacking Ability

The Vibe Sea Ghost 100 tracks surprisingly well for such an affordable kayak. This is largely thanks to the built-in rudder and the balanced design of the hull. This kayak will also cope well with windy conditions thanks to its low-profile design. Even if you find yourself caught in severe winds, the tracking ability of this kayak will be largely unaffected because it hugs the water surface so tightly. This is just one more reason why the Sea Ghost 110 is such an ideal choice for the beginner. It will also satisfy more experienced kayakers who want something that will cope with changing conditions, particularly if they want to spend all day on the water and be braced for any eventuality.

Cockpit Design

The functional deck of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is another standout of this kayak. A great deal of thought has gone into the design of the deck and its layout. The central console is positioned strategically between the legs of the paddler, allowing for easy access to all the essentials you need for fishing trips. This console incorporates plenty of features that will make your time on the water easier. Two gear tracks can be found here, providing you with a convenient place to mount things like GPS units or fish finder devices. The console also includes a transducer port in the front for convenient connection of a transducer scupper to your fish finder hardware. This saves you having to contend with onboard cable clutter.

Other useful features include bungee cords, a bottle/cup holder and watertight hatches for safe and secure storage of smartphones and other electronic devices. The console also features a hinged cover that can be opened slightly or fully. When opened fully, you have access to a large storing area positioned directly beneath it. There is also a magnetic section where you can store things like hooks, lures and small tools without the worry of them moving around while you are travelling on the water. This is a big upgrade on a conventional tackle tray. Although the cockpit and console offer convenient storage and organisation, it does eat into amount of free space you can enjoy when in your kayak. This lack of space will make it awkward to stand up within your kayak and could impede your balance if you need a wider stance in order to stay upright.

Seat & Footrests

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 features a very comfortable Hero seat that makes it suited to long sessions on flat water. The seat has a folding frame design, providing you with a choice of reclining positions. This means you can relax when you are waiting for fish to nibble on the line, or sit upright for better posture when focusing on the water. The seat can also be completely removed from the yak to be used on dry land. This makes it a welcome addition to camping excursions when you want to travel with less gear overall. The Hero seat has also been designed to cope with watery conditions. The breathable mesh fabric is both comfortable for use in wet and humid conditions, and dries quickly when it is exposed to water. The backrest can also be quickly adjusted thanks to the inclusion of side straps. Unlike some seats that offer minimal padding, the Hero seat of the Sea Ghost 110 is well padded and will ensure considerable comfort, even when used for many hours at a time.

The interior of the yak also features footrests that can be easily adjusted to accommodate your individual size. The toe controls for the rudder are located slightly above the footrests themselves. However, there is enough clearance between the two that you can use the footrests comfortably without accidentally interfering with the rudder.

Storage Space

The Sea Ghost 110 I a top fishing kayak choice for those looking for plenty of storage capacity. Storage compartments are scattered around the entire hull, while the impressive weight capacity of the kayak means you can load up with plenty of essentials. A large storage hatch can be found at the bow. This storage hatch also includes a waterproof dry bag that will keep items free from water intrusion. The lid of this hatch is also watertight, ensuring next to no moisture can penetrate into the storage cavity.

There are also smaller storage solutions that are close to hand when you are sat within the kayak. Molded storage compartments can be found on either side of the seat, with the dimensions providing the perfect place to store a variety of tackle boxes. We have already talked about the superior deck console in some detail, but is worth focusing on the first-rate storage potential of this yak element. The console features two small storage hatches, both with dry bags, to provide you with a secure and watertight place to keep items close by. The two-part watertight lid also adds to the organisation of this hatch, while also allowing for easy access to your items when you need them.

Directly behind the seat is another waterproof hatch, complete with cargo bag. Although this hatch is relatively small, measuring just six inches, it is good to have the option of further storage. The stern also includes a substantial storage tank that can be used to carry bulkier items like coolers and crates. You will need to firmly attach any such items with bungee cords, however.

Mounting Options

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 also provides you with plenty of scope for mounting fishing gear to your kayak. The cockpit features two gear tracks for mounting things like rod holders. The long tracks provide you with plenty of flexibility when it comes to accessory positioning, allowing to configure the vessel to your liking. You also have a transducer scupper included, saving you the need to drill into the hull to incorporate your fishfinder hardware.

Eyelets are also included at either side of the seat. This may seem like a small detail, but they provide you with a convenient anchor point for attaching small tools and accessories on tethers. You will also find gear tracks located at the rear tank.

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The Sea Ghost 110 includes no less than four handles for easy carrying. Each handle is made from durable plastic, with a hint of padding to allow for a comfortable hold. The handles are strategically positioned throughout the hull, allowing to lift and transport the kayak with ease. If you want to be able to move your kayak with minimal effort, you may want to think about purchasing a kayak trolley cart, especially if you are kayaking alone and need to carry additional gear to the shore.

– Lightweight and easy to control on still water
– Durable one-piece construction
– Toe-controlled rudder system
– Amazing amount of storage offered
– User-friendly cockpit
– Comfortable Hero seat and footrest

– Not the most stable yak for fishing
– Rod holders could do with an upgrade

Is the Sea Ghost 110 Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly fishing kayak that offers plenty of amazing features, the Sea Ghost 110 from Vibe will satisfy your needs. Although it is not the most stable of yak designs out there, it more than makes up for this shortcoming with exceptional manoeuvrability, extensive storage potential plenty of mounting possibilities.

It is also build to a very high standard, with a rotomolded construction usually only found with more expensive yak models. The one-piece construction also means you have a relatively durable yak that will cope with extensive use. The hull itself comes with a lifetime warranty, while other components and accessories come with a 1-year warranty. This should provide you all the confidence you need to take the plunge and invest in this quality fishing kayak.

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