Pelican Argo 100 Review – 2022 Guide

Pelican Argo 100 Review

Pelican International is a popular brand with kayakers and anglers and the Argo 100x is certainly one of their most beloved models. This 10-foot long kayak is well suited to anglers with less demanding requirement, while the newcomer to the world of kayaking will also find plenty to enjoy here. In the market for a new kayak? Our review explores all the key spec you should know about before you buy the Pelican Argo 100x.


The Pelican Argo 100x is a reasonably sized kayak, with a length of 10 feet and a total width of 28 inches. While the length is fairly standard when compared to other kayaks, the width is a little on the narrow side. If are an angler looking for high levels of stability so you can stand up when on the water, this kayak will probably disappoint. However, the 14-inch deck height should satisfy most people looking for a new sit-in kayak.

This fishing kayak weighs in at approximately 36 pounds. This makes it a little bit lighter than many other kayaks in this price range, including the Pelican Rise. However, more lightweight alternatives from Pelican International are available. The added bulk here is down the inclusion of several storage hatch compartments, as well as the seat and backrest configuration.

Kayak Construction

In terms of durability, the Pelican Argo 100x should impress. This kayak is made from impact-resistant material, with a thermoforming process used in the construction of the kayak. The pressed plastic construction makes for a particularly rugged kayak that will cope with regular use and everyday impacts when out kayaking. The particular material used in the construction of this yak is a patented multilayer polyethylene called RAM-X. Not only will it cope with impacts and heavy-duty use, it will also maintain its shape over time.

Yak Capacity

This Pelican kayak offers the same carrying capacity as other yaks from the manufacturer that incorporate the same basic hull design. This kayak can carry loads of up to 275 pounds with ease. This is enough to carry most kayakers, along with all of their fishing gear and other accessories. However, if you prefer to travel with a significant amount of fishing gear, you should think about considering another yak model.

Cockpit & Seat Specs

This Argo kayak provides you with a pretty generous cockpit. With a length of 50 inches and a width of 24.5 inches, the cockpit provides you with plenty of room to move around in. The generously proportioned cockpit should provide more than big enough for most users. However, the taller user with longer legs may find the cockpit a little bit restricting.

The seat of this kayak is particularly impressive, with an Ergoform adjustable padded backrest providing you with plenty of lumbar support and all round comfort. The seat cushion also features Ergoform padding, meaning you can use this kayak for long periods of time without ever feeling the slightest cramp or discomfort. Compared to conventional seats, the Ergoform material found here provides you with a noticeable extra layer of cushioning. It also performs better in terms of ventilation, making it a good choice for those who prefer to fish on warm days.

Footrests & Thigh Cushioning

Another great thing feature of this kayak is its molded footrests. Unlike adjustable footrests that require you to manually alter their position, the footrests here feature four distinct positions you can quickly switch between. This means the kayak can be used by multiple individuals, with enough footrest flexibility to accommodate them. The downside of these molded footrests is that they are organised in set increments. If your height falls somewhere in between the molded footrests, you may find yourself having to rely on a less than perfect configuration. However, if you scour the market hard enough, you will find the Argo 100x sold with adjustable footrests included. If you are a paddler who believes comfort is kind, you should definitely think about spending a little bit more money on a model with adjustable footrests to make every kayaking excursion as enjoyable as possible.

Unfortunately, this kayak model is lacking when it comes to thigh pads. If you tend to spend long periods of time in your yak on the water, you will know how much more comfortable thigh pads can make things. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in an upgraded yak model that incorporates them.

Storage Capacity

Although the amount of storage on offer here is far from extensive, the Pelican Argo 100x provides enough space to store gear for everyday fishing excursions. A front storage hatch can be found on the front deck, with an additional bungee cord located directly above it. Although this storage hatch is fairly large and will house bigger items, it is not waterproof. Directly in front of the cockpit and seat is a molded surface that can be used as a tackle tray. This table also includes a bottle holder, along with much smaller storage compartments that are ideal for storing lures and other minor angling accessories. The seat includes a secondary bottle holder, meaning you can reach down directly between your legs to retrieve your water or other beverage. This bottle holder is integrated directly into the seat and is positioned at an angle. You should consider this tilt as it means you can not use the holder to store an open bottle without the chance of it spilling. The storage offering is rounded off by a large tank located on the stern of the yak. As with the front hatch, this compartment includes a bungee cord that will allow you to secure your items firmly in place. The big downside of the storage compartments of this kayak is that they are not waterproof. While there is ample space to store enough gear for an angling trip, you may find the lack of dry storage capacity a major issue (where would the GPS & fish finder goes)

Kayak Stability

Despite its narrow width, this kayak is surprisingly stable on the water. This is thanks to the twin-arch hull design, which compensates for the sleeker width and provides you with a stable base on which to fish from, provided you are on calmer water. One thing to remember about this kayak is that the hull design is geared more toward recreational use and will only hold up well on calm bodies of water. Therefore, this is not something that will suit saltwater fishing, no matter how close to the shore you might be.

Tracking Ability

Because of its relatively short hull, the Pelican Argo 100x is easy to handle and turn. This also makes for effortless paddling when faced with tight manoeuvres. However, the downside to this is that the yak falls short when it comes to tracking ability. Should you encounter windy conditions or minor waves, the yak will easily be blown off course. This should not be a problem if you are paddling on still bodies of water, but you should bear this in mind if you try chancing things on mild rivers.

Speed Potential

As you would expect from a relatively short boat, the Argo 100x is not the fastest vessel on the market. That being said, you should be able to achieve sufficient speeds to cross still bodies of water quickly enough. However, if you want to enjoy much longer periods of time on the water or cover more ground, you should think about purchasing a longer yak that can achieve better velocities.


As it is fairly lightweight, the Pelican Argo 100x is a good option for those looking for a yak that is easy to carry to the water. Carrying handles are also included to help you lift and transport the kayak, or drag it from the water when you want to return to land. The lightweight build also makes this kayak fairly easy to carry over one shoulder.

– Very comfortable option with Ergoform cushioning
– Twin-arched multi chine hull makes this a very sturdy kayak
– Very durable construction and solid form
– Carrying handles makes this kayak easy to transport
– Considerable mount of storage space on offer
– Lightweight design
– An affordable choice for those on a budget

– Relatively basic in its overall design
– Not the best tracking ability
– Does not include basic accessories like paddles
– No designated dry storage compartments

The Verdict | Pelican Argo 100 Review

If you are looking for an affordable angler kayak that scores decent marks across the board, the Pelican Argo 100x is something to consider. The premium materials and one-piece construction mean you have a yak that is durable enough for regular use and will not require much in the way of maintenance. The generous cockpit and Ergoform seating are also welcome features, making this kayak a particularly comfortable option. However, the molded footrests may prove a problem for taller users, while the lack of thigh padding may impact overall usability.

The relatively short length means this kayak can be turned quickly and easily in the water, which is very useful when it comes to navigating tighter spaces. However, the downside is that you have to settle for second-rate tracking ability. If you are content to fish on calm bodies of water like inland lakes, this should not be an issue. However, if you do like to brave slightly wilder waters and rivers with changing currents, you need to be aware you could be easily blown off course.

You should also think about your storage requirements. While the Argo 100x does not disappoint in total storage capacity, the lack of dry storage compartments limits the use of this yak somewhat. While the tackle tray, bottle holders and large storage hatches should provide you with sufficient space for your angling gear and accessories, you will no doubt find yourself missing the benefits of a waterproof compartment or two. That being said, if you are looking for a reliable kayak that can be used for casual fishing trips on calmer waters, you could do a lot worse than the Pelican Argo 100x.

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