Best Underwater Fishing Camera | 2022 Reviews & Guide

Best Underwater Fishing Camera

If you are looking to upgrade your angling arsenal and regularly cast off from a kayak or watercraft, you should definitely think about investing in a fishing video camera. These incredibly useful devices can prove an effective tool when used along with a fish finder, combining a digital camera and HD display to provide you with visual insights into what is happening in the water around you. When selecting an underwater fishing camera, you have much to consider. Durability is a big concern as you will be exposing sensitive equipment to cold temperatures and the elements. Connectivity is another thing to think about. Your fishing camera unit should be wifi enabled, as well as provide inputs for memory cards and external devices so you can add updates and retrieve stored files. For more insight, read on for our fishing video camera buying guide.

Digital Cameras & Displays

An underwater fishing camera system includes two main components. The most important aspect is the digital camera itself. This compact camera is attached to a pull-resistant cord and connects to a screen display that will be viewed from your kayak deck. A good camera should be able to capture underwater surroundings in vivid detail and provide a high definition feed to the attached monitor. The screen itself should be large enough for you to make out the finest of details, while also providing enough space for information overlays. Although touchscreen displays are available, they are usually very expensive. Therefore, go for a system that includes a remote control or separate keypad.

Night Vision & LEDs

Unless you are planning on fishing in shallow waters, you will want a camera that boasts some night vision capabilities. If you plan on fishing at night, such lighting is essential as you will have little illumination from sunlight. However, night vision is also useful when angling in the daytime. If you are submerging your camera to significant depths, you will lose a great deal of natural light. This is when infrared arrays come in handy. One thing to remember about infrared is that you will swap out full colour displays for black and white viewing. However, you can still enjoy impressive levels of clarity. An alternative option would be white LED arrays. These will allow you to see what is going on underneath the water surface in natural colour, although you will have relatively limited levels of illumination to work with.


If you plan on using your underwater camera regularly, you will need to ensure is durable enough to cope with regular exposure to underwater conditions. Not only should the camera housing be made of water-resistant material to prevent against damage and corrosion, it should also be designed to withstand extreme temperature lows it will experience at low depths. The screen display should also include water-resistant housing as the deck of your kayak will still be exposed to the elements.

Underwater Fishing Camera |  Reviews

Enjoy unrivalled visibility by investing in an underwater fishing camera. Below, you will find some of the best underwater fishing cameras currently available.

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder Waterproof Underwater 1000TVL Fishing Camera 15m Cable 12pcs IR Infrared LED for Ice,Lake and Boat Fishing

This Eyoyo fish finder with underwater camera will revolutionise your angling trips. This device features a 7-inch screen with full TFT colour display. This screen also offers a surprising amount of detail thanks to the 800 by 480 pixel resolution. A removable sun visor is also included, ensuring you can always see exactly what is happening on screen, even if it is particularly bright out. This is also a fully waterproof design, with the cable boasting an IP68 rating. This means you can confidently send the camera to submerged depths of up to 50 metres. The camera itself includes twelve individual infrared lights. These can be turned on as and when you need them, providing you with enhanced visibility when fishing at significant depths or murkier waters.

This fish finder and camera will also satisfy the needs of those who need a device that will operate for a long time in between charges. This fishing camera includes a 4500mAh rechargeable battery. Once fully charged, this integrated lithium battery will provide you with around eight hours of runtime before you need to think about charging it again. Also included in this case is a float for your cable line, along with a robust carry case that provides convenient storage and protection for your screen and camera components. This underwater fishing camera is also fairly affordable, with a good degree of useful tech on offer for a product retailing at such a low price.

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GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera

This GoFish Cam is a good idea for anyone looking for a more simplified design and wireless connectivity. This underwater fishing camera can transmit live video in full 1080p HD at 30 frames per second. It can also be used to transmit rich resolutions of 720p at 60 frames per second. With some minor adjustments, you can quickly secure a first-rate video feed to let you know what is happening in the water around and underneath your yak or fishing boat. This camera is also easy to secure to your fishing tackle. It is simple to secure this to your rod with in-line rigging, while the stabilised design means you can look forward to crisp and clear recordings at all times. The hydrodynamic shaping of this camera has been perfectly engineered for use in the water, with the stable housing ensuring you always enjoy steady recording and video feedback.

This camera also features night vision capabilities, with green LEDs scattered around the camera lens. This night vision functionality will come in handy if you intend to fish once the sun goes down, however it is also very useful if you are looking to cast off into deeper waters. This camera is also easy to maintain, with the plastic lens easy to replace and repair if you run into any issues. You can also make use of a mobile app specially designed for full integration of this camera to your smart devices. Compact and user-friendly, this reliable camera is definitely something for every angler to think about.

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Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera, Ice Fishing Camera Portable Video Fish Finder, Upgraded 720P Camera w/ 12 IR Lights, 1024×600 IPS 7 inch Screen, for Ice, Lake, Boat, Sea Fishing (15m)

This is an upgraded version of the Eyoyo underwater fishing camera unit we have discussed previously in this guide. This advanced fish finder solution has plenty of great technology on offer to help you land catches more easily. The upgraded AHD 720p camera provides you with better recording and live streaming results, while the 7-inch IPS screen provides you with impressive resolutions of 1024 by 600 pixels. This high-end resolution will provide you with a realistic impression of the underwater environment around you, with all the crisp detail you need to improve your angling. This new and improved IPS screen also provides you with clear images, not matter which angle you are viewing from. You will also find a sun visor included which can be pulled down across the screen when viewing in right sunlight.

The camera also includes twelve infrared rights to improve your viewing and recording. If you are fishing at night or in dark water, these infrared lights can provide you with a constant light course to illuminate your surroundings. However, you should bear in that when the infrared lights are enabled, the displayed image on the fish finder screen will switch from full colour to black and white. This camera and fish finder device also has a first-rate rechargeable battery. The 4500mAh battery will provide you with a runtime of anywhere between six and eight hours after a full charge. This should prove more than sufficient for most fishing trips, although you may want to ensure you have a charging source available if you plan on being out on the water longer than this.

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Portable Underwater Fishing Camera with Depth Temperature Display-Waterproof HD Camera and 7” LCD Monitor-Infrared Fish Finder-Up to 8 Hours Battery Life-Ultimate Fishing Gear (15M Cable)

This underwater fishing camera is a very portable option, with plenty of great features that ensure it will become an indispensable part of your angling gear. This fish finder and camera combo includes a HD 1000TVL camera that provides you with crisp and clear viewing and recording of the underwater environment. The camera has a 130-degree viewing angle, providing you with plenty of coverage so you can take in more of what is going on around you. The 7-inch screen is also large enough that you will have no trouble making out fine levels of detail. In addition to video, the screen also provides you with overlay details for things like water temperature and the depth your camera has descended to.

This fishing camera will also satisfy the needs of those looking for something durable and built to endure regular exposure to deep water. An IP68 waterproof rating means you can use this device with confidence, while the robust build of the carry case means your gear will be kept safe from damage at all times. It also provides a convenient storage solution. The camera also includes an array of twelve infrared LEDs that allow you to use in darker water. If you are enjoying a spot of night fishing or are descending the camera to more significant depths, these infrared lights will provide you with all the illumination you need to see what is going on around you.

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Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System with Colour Video Camera & 7″ LCD Monitor

The Aqua-Vu AV 715C is a good option for those who enjoy night fishing or want to ensure maximum visibility in dark waters. This fish finder and camera device boasts an IP67 waterproof housing, meaning you can submerge it with the confidence your electronics are protected against water intrusion. A 7-inch full colour LCD screen also provides you with clear oversight of what is going in the water around you. The high resolution visual feedback is essential for precisely identifying various fish species, as well as identifying any underwater obstacles. The screen also comes with a sun shield, allowing you to use it on even the brightest of days. The Anti-Spook fish camera is another huge advantage of this system. This colour camera includes a low-light mode, with adjustable infrared lighting that can be used to illuminate underwater environments, even when fishing at night or at substantial depths. The camera cable length comes in at 50 feet, allowing you to submerge it to significant depths.

The camera also includes an integrate view fin, giving you the option of side viewing and down viewing. This dramatically improves your viewing potential, especially when you compare this system against more basic underwater camera models. If you are looking for a camera that can be used for many hours at a time, this Aqua-Vu system will definitely appeal. A smart power management system is included to ensure your battery lasts for as long as possible. A charger is also included, along with a carry case for convenient storage of all your camera gear.

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MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera HD 1000 TVL 5″ Fish Finder Video CAM White Infrared Night Vision LED DVR 8GB for for Ice Lake Sea Boat Kayak Fishing (30M/98ft)

If you have are looking to fish from a kayak or smaller boat, this compact underwater fishing camera from Moocor is a good choice. This system includes a fold-down screen and attached camera that can be fed through a scupper hole. This means you will have no trouble finding a place to store it when out on the water, even if you only have a small cockpit. This device includes a high-resolution screen that provides clear displays at all times. You will have no trouble identifying specific species of fish, or determining the outline of underwater topography. The screen also displays essential information like water depth, direction, temperature and more.

This camera system also supports DVR recording and photographing functionality. You can easily browse your recorded files, while deleting any unwanted files is straightforward. The 130-degree viewing angle of the camera provides you with a wide field of vision at all times. You can also use it for horizontal and vertical viewing. An LED array is also included so you can maintain excellent visibility in darkness. Four infrared lights and two white LEDs are included so you can tailor brightness to your liking. This is essential when viewing at significant depths, or fishing at night. A rechargeable battery also means you can use this device during long fishing trips. After a full charge, you can enjoy at least six hours of runtime.

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OVETOUR Underwater Fishing Camera, Portable 50FT Wired Fish Finder Camera HD 1000 TVL Infrared LED IP68 Waterproof Camera with 4.3 Inch AHD Display For Ice Lake Boat Kayak Fishing

This high-quality fishing camera from OVETOUR provides you with superior viewing of murky waters. The high-definition camera provides you with crisp real-time video feedback of the water you are fishing in, while you can also use it to capture photos and videos on the fly. This is also a powerful choice of fishing camera thanks to the 5000mAh rechargeable battery. After a full charge, this camera system can be used for around eight hours before you need to think about recharging it. You can however utilise compatible power banks in order to extend the runtime of your device when enjoying longer fishing trips.

The 4.3-inch screen is large enough to provide you with a user-friendly HD video display. The streamlined design of the screen also makes this a good option fishing from yaks or smaller vessels. If you want a lightweight camera and display screen that will allow for a more convenient fishing experience, this is a good choice. The IP68 waterproof housing will also provide you with peace of mind, with no need to worry about water damage to sensitive components. An 8-piece LED array also makes this underwater a good choice if you are looking to fish in darkness or at significant depths.

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Best Video Fishing Camera

All of the underwater fishing cameras above are worth investing in. However, one or two of these models definitely stand out. The Aqua-VU 715C is a real winner. It is arguably the best option for use in low light conditions thanks to its infrared lighting array, while the HD colour camera has been calibrated for low light conditions. The high-resolution LCD screen also provides you crisp images every time. A 50-foot camera cord also allows you to inspect significant depths. Smart power management also means you can use this for hours at a time, without having to take a battery pack with you.

If you want a more compact alternative, the 5-inch Moocor fishing camera is worth considering. The folding screen means you can store this away discreetly in a kayak storage hatch when it is not being used. It also offers impressive technical features. The high-definition camera will provide you with exceptional image detail, while the white and infrared LED array means you can illuminate even the darkest of underwater environments.


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