Best Telescopic Fishing Rod | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2022

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you are just getting into angling, you may not be all that familiar with telescopic fishing rods. However, collapsible fishing rods are something you definitely want to be thinking about if you want to bring some versatility to your angling. The main benefit of a telescopic fishing rod is that it provides you with variable casting length so you can adapt your angling to different situations. You can extend the length to cover more distance when casting, or reduce the overall length when you want to enjoy more precision. However, there are more things to consider beyond the different sizes you can select. Our handy guide explores all the essential factors to think about when shopping around for the best telescopic fishing rods.


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Every telescopic fishing rod will be made up of several individual sections. These individual sections are hollow, allowing them to retract into each other when it comes to storing your rod. The longer the fishing rod, the more sections it will be made up of. If you are looking for significant casting distance, you will naturally want to invest in a rod with more sections. However, there are some downsides to purchasing a rod with too many sections. It can be trickier for a rod with a significant amount of sections to retract smoothly. If you attempt to collapse your rod without being careful, you may run the risk of damaging one or more sections. Multiple sections will also require more cleaning and maintenance.

What Extended Length Do You Require?

This is a big question to consider when choosing a telescopic fishing rod. If you want maximum casting distance, you will obviously wan to for a much longer length. Longer rods and poles are also preferred by anglers who are looking to catch larger fish. If you only fish on an occasional basis or are only interested in smaller fish species, a shorter telescopic rod is ideal.


The majority of telescopic rods are made from premium materials like fibreglass and carbon. A lot of the time, telescopic rods will be made from a combination of the two. Graphite is another popular material choice for constructing collapsible fishing rods. Fibreglass tends to the strongest material, although carbon is still relatively strong and offers a good amount of elasticity. All of these materials should cope well with bending when you have a fish on the line, but they will not cope well with impacts with hard surfaces. Therefore, you should be careful not to thrash the rod around too much if you are in close proximity to obstacles. Another big benefit of these materials is that they are ultralight. This makes them easy to handle for long periods of time. If you regularly find yourself struggling with stubborn fish and larger species, a lightweight construction will alleviate some of the strain placed on your wrists and arms.

Rod Power & Tension

When looking for a new telescopic rod, make sure you check what weight it can cope with. This refers to the amount of tension a rod can withstand before it runs the risk of braking. Most telescopic fishing rods will have a medium-heavy or medium rating. This power rating will handle the majority of freshwater fish species without you having to worry about your rod snapping.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod | Reviews

Make life easier when kayak fishing with a telescopic fishing rod. New to the market? Consider some of these first-rate telescopic rods from some of the best angling brands around.

Tenkara USA ITO Adjustable tenkara Rod (13′ and 14’7″) – Multi-Length Telescopic Rod

This telescopic rod from Tenkara is a good choice for those who can afford to spend a little bit more on the angling essentials. The main standout of this rod is its ingenious ‘zoom’ function. Thanks to a secure locking segment, you can choose between two different rod lengths. If you want to keep your rod and lure slightly closer to you, you can chose the 13-foot length. However, this Tenkara rod will fully extend to 14.7 feet if you are looking for more reach. This versatile rod features multiple locking elements to ensure your chosen length is secure at all times. You will find locks at the rod butt, as well as at the end of the handle element.

The Tenkara Ito is classed as medium action rod, but it actually feels more like a soft rod. It will not handle larger fish, but if you are looking to land things like trout and other freshwater fish species, this rod should more than handle things. This rod is also compatible with commonly used line. For best results, use 3.5 level line and do not extend beyond 25 feet of line total.

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Daiwa Liberty Club SURF T Telescopic Surf Casting Rod T30-420・K・K/dp/B00T494TNC/

If you are looking for a telescopic rod that delivers a little more reach, this Daiwa Liberty rod is a good option. When fully extended, this telescopic rod will provide you with almost 14 feet of reach. Of course, this exceptional reach is only possible thanks to multiple sections and cross joints. There are four joints in total which may deter some users who worry about the stress placed on these joints. However, the superior construction and high-grade materials of this Daiwa rod will put your mind at ease.

This high-quality rod is made from a premium combination of carbon and graphite. This results in a rod that is relatively lightweight, but able to withstand significant pressures. The reel seat is made from stainless steel, which admittedly adds a bit of bulk to the rod, but ensures maximum protection against corrosion and wear and tear. This rod is also comfortable to handle, especially when it comes to casting off. Although longer than many other telescopic rods when fully assembled, the Daiwa Liberty is easily disassembled and will store away discreetly into your rod bags for easy portability.

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Tenkara USA Iwana tenkara Rod (12′)

The Tenkara Iwana is a good choice of telescopic rod for anglers looking for a medium action performer. This premium rod is made from carbon fibre to provide you with the best in durability and strength. Despite being well suited to larger fish species, this extending rod does not disappoint when it comes to flexibility. The progressive taper, combined with the lightweight build, makes for a highly agile rod that can cope with significant stress.

Extending to a maximum length of 12 feet, this telescopic rod should provide you with enough reach for most fishing situations. It is also a good choice for those looking for delicate casting performance and high levels of precision for placement of lures. Although a medium action rod, the Tenkara Iwana is relatively versatile. It can therefore be used for catching small and larger fish species alike.

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DRAGONtail Hellbender Zoom Big Fish Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod

The DRAGONtail Hellbender from Tenkara has been designed for catching bigger fish. This quality telescopic rod is made from high-grade carbon graphite to bring you the best in flexibility and strength, offering good bend performance when tackling larger fish. Although strong, this rod is surprisingly lightweight and is flexible enough that it can be used in almost every fishing situation.

Everything you need to enjoy telescopic rod fishing is included here. As well as the telescopic rod itself, you will also find three Tenkara flies included, as well as premium Moonlit line. Also included is a tippet, EVA foam line holder and a storage tube. A rod sock is also included so you can keep the carbon graphite exterior and rod finish in pristine condition. This rod utilises Tenkara’s innovative zoom locking system. With multiple locking points, you can always ensure your rod is braced to handle even the most stubborn and sizeable of fish. It also offers a good range of rod lengths, with a length range of 11.3 to 13 feet on offer.

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KastKing Ascension Soloscopic Fly Rod and Combos, IM6 Graphite Blank, Fixed & Floating Guides, CNC Aluminium Reel with Fly Line & Backing, Lightweight Travel & Storage Case

Unlike cheaper telescopic rods that struggle to match the performance of one-piece rods, the KastKing Ascension Soloscopic will not let you down. This premium telescopic rod includes six individual components to provide you with excellent extending reach, performing just as well as 4-piece rods and rivalling many conventional designs. Assembly is easy, with the Solosocpic design ensuring it will take minimal time to have your rod ready to go. This telescopic rod also features multiple floating guides that will allow for improved line performance. The smooth taper also eliminates the amount of dead and flat spots.

Snug-Fit ferrules provide you with full length power throughout the entire urn of your rod. Meanwhile, KastFlex Technology delivers superior sensitivity and performance. The cork handles also makes this rod very comfortable to use, while the aluminium reel seat is hard-wearing without adding unwanted weigh to the overall design.

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Daiwa Legalis Tele, Telescopic Allround Fishing Rod

If you are looking for an affordable telescopic rod, the Daiwa Legalis is a good option. This telescopic rod not only handles like a dream and casts smoothly, it also offer an impressive reach and can be used to tackle a variety of fish sizes. Although slightly shorter than other rods on the market, this extending rod offers exceptional versatility. With six individual pieces, you have a good range of lengths to choose from, although initial setup will take a little bit of time.

The materials used in the construction of this telescopic rod are surprisingly good for something so affordable. The carbon fibre rod components make this a lightweight and robust choice of rod, while the aluminium reel set is durable enough without adding unwanted weight to your assembled rod. The guide elements are also built with longevity in mind, with titanium oxide ensuring next to no wear and tear, even when exposed to harsh conditions.

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PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Sea Saltwater Freshwater Kit Fishing Rod Kit

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a telescopic fishing rod, but want a little more bang for your buck, this fishing rod and reel combo set from PLUSINNO is worth buying. The fishing rod itself offers exceptional performance, with the high-density carbon fibre and fibreglass construction providing you with a pole that is durable, even when exposed to considerable amounts of stress. The stainless steel reel set is another nice detail, making this rod suitable for use fishing in saltwater situations. This is also a portable option, with the closed length design allowing you to carry this rod around with ease. This medium action rod will also cope comfortably with bigger fish.

The EVA fore grip also makes this rod very easy to handle and comfortable enough, even when you are faced with a heavy catch that is proving particularly stubborn on the line. It is good to see a reel included in this package. The power drive gears of the reel make it a particularly strong item, with the deep spool providing you with excellent line capacity.

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Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Spinning Fishing ploe and Spinning Reel, Car, Hiking, Backpacking Travel Gear with Collapsible Poles

This telescopic fishing rod from Sougayilang is made from carbon fibre and fibreglass, making it incredibly strong and very durable. The stainless steel reel seat also means your rods are designed to withstand additional pressure where they need it the most. The stainless steel material also boasts exceptional corrosion-resistant properties. The guide rings are finished with porcelain, another material known for its corrosion resistance. The rod also includes a breathable EVA fore grip, making it comfortable to handle for many hours at a time. The closed length design also makes this a portable and convenient option for anglers.

A high-quality fishing reel is included along with the rod itself. The stainless steel main shaft makes for a more robust and smooth operating reel, while the high-grade wool felt padding improves the overall performance of the braking system. A storage bag for both the reel and rod are also included, with additional compartments for storing lures and hooks.

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CLORIS Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Saltwater Freshwater-10 FT Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole and Reel Combo with Line Lures Tackle Hooks Carrier Bag for Adults Young Kids MenTravel

Save money on angling essentials with this CLORIS fishing reel and rod combo. The telescopic rod is made from carbon fibre for exceptional strength and performance, while also remaining lightweight enough that is incredibly portable. The lightweight build of the telescopic rod also makes for smooth casting performance. Weighing in at just 10 ounces, this is a very portable rod. If you tend to take more substantial poles and other bulky gear with you when you fish, this will not weigh you down. This rod is also a durable choice of angling gear. With its superior finish and impressive corrosion resistance, it is suitable for saltwater fishing and freshwater angling.

This rod also comes with a quality baitcaster reel. This reel boasts a low profile that is ideal for use with lightweight rods, while also making angling more comfortable. Also included is a complete fishing tackle set that compromises a variety of fishing lures and hooks, weight sinkers, line stoppers and more. If you are looking to replenish low stocks of angling essentials, this telescopic rod, reel and tackle set is a low-cost solution. A carry case is also included so you can keep all your items together in one place.

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Fishing Rod and Reel Combos – Telescopic Fishing Pole Spinning Reels Full Kit – for Fishing Travel Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

This collapsible fishing rod and reel set includes everything you need for better fishing trips. The telescopic fishing rod included in this set is made from high-density carbon fiber composite, resulting in a rod that delivers superb casting distance, power and sensitivity. The premium materials used to construct this extending fishing rod make it a lightweight choice that benefits from superior balance. It is also a good option if you find regular poles a little too bulky and struggle with wrist fatigue when angling for hours at a time. The collapsible design also makes this a very portable option, with the individual poles easy to store in the smallest of rod bags.

Along with the rod, this combo set includes a spinning reel with an interchangeable handle. The reel features high-quality stainless steel guides and a 5.0:1 gear ratio. It also offers a broad line capacity, making it suitable for use with a wide variety of fishing line types. You will also find a complete tackle set to replenish your fishing gear basics. The tackle set includes a variety of fishing lures that can be used to catch a variety of fish species.

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High Altitude Brands Lightweight Portable Telescopic Fishing Pole, Case and Available with Spinning Reel Rod Combo, Motorcycle, Car, Hiking, Backpacking, Wheelchair Travel Gear, Collapsible Poles

This telescopic fishing rod set is a good choice for those looking for ultralight handling and superior strength. This pole has been engineered to eliminate fatigue, with the 24-ton carbon fiber and graphite construction making it a very lightweight and sensitive option. Despite being so lightweight, this rod is incredibly durable and will cope with intense stresses. With five extending sections, this rod also offers a substantial casting length. It is ideal for use when freshwater fishing, allowing to precisely place baits and lure where you want.

This rod is also very easy to maintain. The butt section features a removable cap that will allow to undertake essential cleaning. This is not only essential for ensuring your rod looks its best and performs well, it is also crucial for ensuring the connecting points of your telescopic rod are debris-free. This rod also comes with a hook keeper that provides convenient storage for those smaller fishing gear items. The hook keeper means you can keep all of your favourite lures in one place and ready to use whenever the need arises.

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ANGLER DREAM 12/13FT Tenkara Rod Kit 30T Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod Combo with Furled Line Flies

This Angler Dream telescopic rod from Tenkara has been engineered with ultralight performance in mind. This rod has been manufactured from 30T carbon fiber to deliver the perfect combination of smooth casting action and durability. This is an incredibly sturdy rod that will cope with medium fish with ease. It can also be used to hook and reel in larger fish species, such as trout. This rod also features a premium cork grip. This not only makes handling the rod a more comfortable experience, but gives you more flexibility when it comes to fighting with larger fish that have latched onto bait.

This telescoping fishing rod is definitely something experienced anglers should consider. If you are looking to catch fish of various sizes inshore with the freedom to switch between different lengths, this rod will deliver. It also handles beautifully, with the cork grip performing just as well as a the best EVA foam handle. As well as the telescoping rod, a fly box with lures and hook keeper is also included.

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The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

Experienced anglers and novices alike can enjoy the benefits of telescopic fishing rods. All of the extending rods reviewed above have some impressive design details that make catching fish easier, especially if you want some more flexibility when it comes to casting distance.

The Daiwa Legalis is a particularly attractive option. The high-grade materials make it lightweight and sensitive when handled, making it a good choice for more experienced anglers who want better feedback. The build quality is first-rate throughout. Not only is the carbon construction lightweight and incredibly strong, the titanium guides will cope with extensive exposure to the elements. The aluminium reel seat adds to the durability of this smooth casting rod.

Less experienced anglers who want to hedge their bets should probably give the PLUSINNO fishing rod and reel combo a second look. This budget-friendly package includes a high-density carbon and fiberglass rod that offers good levels of elasticity that copes well with significant stress. The stainless steel reel holder will also extend the life of your rod. The included reel is a particularly nice addition. This is not just a standard reel thrown in as incentive, but a premium piece of fishing gear thanks to its PowerDrive gears.


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