Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses | Buyer’s Guide & 2022 Reviews

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a staple accessory no angler should be without. While they are often overlooked in favour of rods, reels (like the PENN Slammer III) and other cool accessories (like a kayak GPS), the best polarized fishing sunglasses can have a huge impact on your angling performance. Glare from the water is a huge factor that anglers need to consider, with polarized lenses providing the perfect solution to the problem. If you plan on using a lure to fish with, you will likely be spending hours gazing at the water surface to monitor any movements. When the sun is shining brightly, this can put significant strain on the eyes. To take the strain out of fishing, it is important to purchase a comfortable of sunglasses with reliable polarized lenses.

The Importance of Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are a must for sight fishing. These lenses are very effective at absorbing light at horizontal wavelengths. However, they still allow vertical light wavelengths to pass through the lens material. When horizontal wavelengths are properly filtered out, you will not have to contend with the reflective surface of the water. Instead, you will have visibility of what is going on immediately beneath the surface. It also makes it easier to keep an eye on fishing lures and lines without straining your eyes too much.

Lens Material

When selecting polarized sunglasses, you need to be thinking about lens materials. Most fishing sunglasses will include glass or polycarbonate lenses, although Trivex lenses are also common. If you are looking for a durable solution, polycarbonate is a good bet because of its shatter-resistant properties. Polycarbonate lenses are also fairly lightweight. The downside of these lenses is that they are prone to scratching. Glass might seem like a delicate option, but the majority of modern-day fishing sunglasses using glass lenses are surprisingly durable. Glass lenses also offer excellent levels of clarity and are more resistant to scratching. They do suffer from being relatively heavy and can shatter easily when dropped.

Lens Colour

Colour enhancement is also important when selecting fishing sunglasses. Lens colours generally fall into two broad categories. These are tinted lenses and grey lenses. If you are looking for dark colour enhancement, go with grey lenses. These types of lenses are ideal if you are looking to fish on bright days, although they offer relatively poor contrast. Tinted lenses come in a variety of colours and provide you with far better contrast output. Many angler tend to go for colour tinted lenses as they provide a good balance between protection against sunlight and superior contrast.

Frame Design

Although polarized lenses are important, the frame design of any sunglasses you buy is also crucial in ensuring you get the best in protection and performance. Frames will ensure your eyes are properly protected, while also ensuring those premium lenses are kept in their proper place to provide you with clear vision at all times.

A good frame should price ample coverage. When shopping for fishing sunglasses, look for frames that offer maximum coverage. A wraparound style frame is often the best choice for fishing as they ensure the best coverage. Look for frames that provide additional coverage at the temples, which will effectively block out sunlight and ensure water and other debris does not impede your vision. This type of frame will also prove more comfortable, putting minimal pressure on your face so you barely feel the presence of your sunglasses.

Frame Materials

What your frame is made of is also critical when it comes to selecting a good pair of fishing sunglasses. Regardless of whether you are fishing offshore or on freshwater, you will likely be finding yourself in a moisture-rich environment. This means you should avoid metallic frames whenever possible, unless they have sufficient coating to stave off corrosion from your environment. However, metal frames tend to be sleeker in their design and offer minimal coverage. Plastic frames are definitely something to consider if you are fishing in relatively cool conditions. However, most types of plastic will suffer when exposed to harsh sunlight and high temperatures. Unless a frame has been engineered to withstand significant temperature highs, they are likely to warp and distort in the heat. If you want a versatile pair of sunglasses that will perform well in a broad range of conditions, think about purchasing a pair with a composite frame. Essentially, you want a frame material that will not corrode when exposed to moisture or warp when exposed to high temperatures.

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses | Reviews

Looking for a new pair of fishing sunglasses? We have picked out some of the best polarized fishing sunglasses available, with premium options from major brands to suit all budgets.

Costa Del Mar Men’s Jose Rectangular Sunglasses

These Costa Del Mar Jose polarized sunglasses are an ideal pick for fishing. These stylish shades feature high tech Costa lenses that set them apart from more basic alternatives on the marked. The 580 glass used in the construction of these sunglasses provides you with superior clarity and maximum visibility, even when exposed to significant amounts of sunlight. They also provide you with complete UV protection, meaning you can cast off and fish in the height of summer. They also score well when it comes to polarizing performance, while the hard-wearing nature of the glass means you do not have to worry about scratches and scuffs damaging your new purchase.

The blue mirror lenses found here are entirely suited to use in bright conditions, particularly when you are stationed offshore on the water. The frame of these Costa sunglasses will also impress. The quality nylon frame is made from robust TR-90 material, making these shades particularly durable. However, unlike other rugged frame designs, these sunglasses provide you with a very comfortable fit. A branded Costa case is included for storage, along with a cleaning cloth to ensure your lenses and frames can be maintained and kept in first-rate condition.

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Costa Del Mar Men’s Reefton Rectangular Sunglasses

Those prepared to spend a bit more on a pair of fishing sunglasses should definitely think about investing in these Costa Del Mar Reefton shades. These hard-wearing sunglasses provide you with a good balance of rugged durability and slick aesthetics. These Reefton rectangular shades include polycarbonate lenses, making them exceptionally durable and perfect for use outdoors. The 580 lenses not only provide you with first-rate clarity of vision, they will also cope with everyday impacts and resist damage from scratching and scuffing. Despite their robust nature, these lenses do not add unnecessary bulk to the overall design, with these Reefton glasses being relatively lightweight and comfortable enough for wearing for hours at a time.

The green mirror lenses of these sunglasses are good for those looking for enhanced vision and good levels of contrast. They are particularly suitable for those looking to fish closer to shore or on flats. The nylon frame is another highpoint of these sunglasses, with the TR-90 material providing you with a durable and lightweight fit that never feels uncomfortable. The rectangular frame style will also appeal, with the aesthetics of these shades reminiscent of a classic wayfarer design. A branded case is included so you can keep your sunglasses safely stored away when you are not using them. A cleaning cloth is also includes so you can ensure your frames and lenses are always kept in pristine condition.

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Costa Del Mar Men’s Piper Aviator Sunglasses

If you are looking for fishing sunglasses with a little more style to their design, these Costa Del Mar Piper sunglasses should appeal to you. This impressive shades boast a classic aviator style that make them incredibly wearable in all situations. They are also built to a very high standard, with a sleek titanium frame that enhances all round comfort and makes them a lightweight choice. The titanium frames are also hypoallergenic, making them a suitable option for those who suffer adverse reactions to some plastics and composite materials. The lenses are also first-rate, with the 580 glass providing you with significant clarity. The hard-wearing glass also offers total protection against harmful UV rays and is resilient to scratches and everyday damage.

The lens colour on offer here will also go down well with those looking to use their sunglasses for fishing on flats and inshore. The green mirror lenses provide you with amazing contrast and superb levels of detail, making them suitable for use in low light conditions. These sunglasses also come with a branded Costa case and cleaning cloth, ensuring you can keep your high-quality eyewear in premium condition.

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Oakley Men’s Oo9271 Flak 2.0 Asian Fit Sunglasses

Thee Oakley Flak 2.0 sunglasses have plenty of premium features that make them a must-have for anglers looking to fish offshore and on freshwater. These are a sportier choice of eyewear compared to other options in this list, with a wrap style frame that ensures a more secure fit. These sunglasses also boast Plutonite glass lenses that provide you with complete UV protection and maximum filtering of light waves across the entire spectrum. They can also offer efficient filtering of blue light when exposed to sources in close proximity. The lightweight lens material, combined with the plastic frame, makes these a comfortable choice for long days of fishing. These impact-resistant sunglasses also come with everyday wear and tear, ensuring minimal chance of damage should you drop them when you are out and about.

These Oakley sunglasses come in an Asian fit. This means they are designed for wearers with a specific facial profile. They are a good option for those with higher cheekbones, while the nose pads are strategically positioned to suit those with a wider nose bridge than the norm. The nose pads and earsocks are particularly effective at ensuring the sunglasses stay firmly in place, maintaining their grip even when exposed to moisture and perspiration. A soft sunglasses case and bag is also included so you can store your shades safely.

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Oakley Men’s Oo9440 Clifden Round Sunglasses

These Oakley Clifden sunglasses will make a stylish addition to your fishing gear. These high-end polarised sunglasses not only look the part, they also boast some innovative materials and design to revolutionise the way you fish. You can expect complete UV protection with these Oakley sunglasses, with the Plutonite lenses providing complete protection against UVA, UVB and UVC light waves. They also offer a good level of protection against potentially harmful blue light sources.

These fishing glasses also feature Prizm tungsten lens technology. This makes them suitable for everyday use, but also provides you with superior visual clarity in all conditions, from overcast days to more brighter situations. The polarized lenses are very effective at blocking unwanted glare, with minimal light transmission. The high-definition optics of these shades also means you can enjoy superior sight fishing performance from every angle. A storage bag is included so you can keep your shades in perfect condition when you are not wearing them, while a cleaning cloth is also included so you can keep your lenses and frame free of blemishes. You also have a choice of lens colours, allowing to perfectly coordinate your eyewear with the rest of your fishing gear.

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Oakley Men’s Oo9416 Split Shot Sunglasses

Make a style statement when boating or out fishing on the open water with these Oakley Split Shot sunglasses. These impressive shades boast Plutolite lenses that provide you with total UV protection. These are suitable for use in direct sunlight, with the premium lenses staving off the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, as well as UVC rays. They will also provide you with efficient protection against blue light sources. These quality sunglasses also include Prizm lens technology, which not only facilitates first-rate protection against a range of light wavelengths, btu also ensures you maintain superior clarity of vision at all times. You can enjoy high levels of detail and contrast, without the worry of eye strain becoming an issue.

The O Matter frame is another welcome feature. Not only will this flexible frame provide you with a good level of lightweight durability, it also ensures the frame can cope well with everyday stresses. Both the lenses and frame offer excellent scratch resistance, while the hydrophobic coating means the elements will not degrade the superior finish. A three-point fit approach to the design of these shades also provides you with excellent optical alignment at all times, with minimal contact with the face besides the bridge and temples. A case and cleaning cloth is also included so you can ensure your sunglasses are kept safe and sound when you are not using them.

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Costa Del Mar Women’s Waterwoman Sunglasses

Female angler will definitely appreciate the incredible aesthetics of these Costa Del Mar Waterwoman sunglasses. These Costa Del Mar sunglasses make a fantastic impression with their tortoiseshell frame, while their elegant curves give them a distinctly feminine edge. These high-quality sunglasses feature Costa 580 polycarbonate shades, providing the wearer with incredible clarity at all times. The lightweight lenses are also very durable, with excellent impact and scratch-resistance properties. The green mirror lenses will also provide good levels of contrast when you are on the water.

Acetate frames make these women’s sunglasses particularly lightweight. The acetate is made from a tree pulp material, which makes them particularly hypoallergenic and therefore comfortable enough that they can worn for hours at a time. The frame can also be slightly adjusted to provide you with a perfect fit, with the acetate feeling silky smooth against the skin. A storage case is included along with the sunglasses themselves, allowing you to preserve the luxurious finish of the frames and lenses.

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Costa Del Mar Women’s Isla Round Sunglasses

These Costa Del Mar Isla sunglasses are another perfect pick for female anglers. These stylish sunglasses feature a round frame, with a choice of colour options available so you can select a pair perfectly suited to your other fishing gear. These fishing glasses feature some incredible lens technology, with Costa 580 glass as standard. These superior lenses are not only resistant to scratches and impacts, they also provide you with complete protection against UV wavelengths. They also score well in terms of polarizing efficiency.

The copper silver mirror lenses are perfect when fishing in a range of environments. These versatile lenses will cope with varying light conditions, making them particularly useful when sight fishing or casting off inshore. The lightweight acetate frames of these sunglasses also makes them comfortable enough for day-long wear. The acetate is made from a tree pulp material, making these shades very hypoallergenic and suitable for al skin types. A branded Costa case and cleaning cloth is also included so you can keep your sunglasses in superb condition for as long as possible.

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Oakley Men’s Oo9384 Holbrook Mix Sunglasses

These Oakley Holbrook Mix sunglasses are a stylish choice of fishing glasses. These high-quality sunglasses feature Plutonite lenses that provide protection against all UV wavelengths, including UVA, UVB and UVC rays. They also provide adequate protection against blue light sources. The superior lens material not only makes these shades a lightweight choice, it also ensures that you can enjoy superb clarity at all times. In the event you drop your sunglasses, these robust lenses are also less likely to break and suffer damage. The Prizm lens technology on offer here is designed to provide you with better colour clarity, as well as improve contrast so you can make out specific details in your surroundings.

The optical clarity provided by these sunglasses is exceptional, thanks in no small part to the patented high definition optics. This means you can enjoy enhanced clarity and crisp details, regardless of what angle you are viewing from. These high-grade sunglasses also feature a stress-resistant O-Matter frame. Not only does this make the sunglasses very durable, it also ensures they maintain their shape and integrity for longer. Unlike cheaper sunglasses, these Oakley fishing shades will not deform over time. A cleaning cloth and storage case is also included.

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Fishoholic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses -5 Color Options- w Case Pouch UV400 Fishing Gift

These Fishoholic polarizes fishing glasses are an affordable choice of eyewear for anglers. Despite their low price tag, these fishing sunglasses do not disappoint when it comes to build quality and wearability. The polarized lenses provide complete UV protection, making them suitable for use in all conditions. The wraparound frame design also offers extensive protection against harmful UV wavelengths, giving you full flexibility when it comes to casting off. The wider sides of these shades means you do not have to worry about side glare affecting your vision, which will significantly eliminate the impact of eye strain.

The FlexTuff composite frame also makes these sunglasses a lightweight option. If you find other pairs have proved too heavy and uncomfortable for wearing throughout the day, these lightweight sunglasses are an ideal upgrade. The streamlined design and classic colour scheme also makes them a versatile choice of eyewear, meaning you can wear them for all manner of sports and outdoor pursuits. They are also hardy enough that they will cope with regular exposure to moisture and saltwater, provided they are properly cared for.

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MERRY’S Unisex Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses Vintage Sun Glasses For Men/Women

These MARRY’S polarized sunglasses are a versatile choice of eyewear for fishing, with plenty of vintage appeal that make them a stylish addition to your collection. The polarized lenses included here will effectively reduce glare from deep and shallow water alike, as well as all other types of horizontal surface. They will also restore natural colours, allowing to maintain accurate visibility of the environment around you. Not only do the lenses ensure you enjoy true-to-life visibility, they will also protect your eyes from harmful UV wavelengths. If you are worried about safety and ensuring you suffer as little eye strain as possible, these stylish shades are a good option.

The unisex design of these sunglasses also makes them a versatile choice. The lightweight aluminium frame is incredibly comfortable, making them suitable for wearing throughout the day. The frame shape is also well suited to a wide variety of wearers, meaning you will not have to make constant adjustments to ensure they sit comfortably on your face. Despite their snug fit, they will only really make contact with the bridge of the nose and temples, resulting in minimal distraction when fishing.

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Fishing Polarized Sunglasses for Men Driving Running Golf Sports Glasses Square UV Protection Designer Style Unisex

These polarized sunglasses are a very affordable option if you are looking to upgrade your fishing eyewear. The lightweight design of these shades makes them a comfortable option, while the larger frame size ensures maximum protection. The tri-acetate cellulose lenses are also designed to filter out UV rays from across the wavelength, with the polarised coating effectively reflecting light from a range of horizontal surfaces. These high-quality sunglasses are designed with bright conditions in mind and will effectively reflect direct sunlight.

These shades are also designed to withstand harsh elements. Even when exposed to high temperatures, these sunglasses will not warp. The snug fit also means you can keep your eyes fully protected at all times, while maintaining good visibility at every angle. The mirror coating is also reinforced to ensure excellent scratch-resistance, making them suitable for use outdoors. Although these are not the most stylish of sunglasses in this list, they are certainly robust enough to be used on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the lens technology on offer here is excellent for such an affordable piece of eyewear.

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KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women

These KastKing Skidaway sunglasses are designed with angler in mind. Premium materials are the standard here, with the combination of a hard-wearing Grilamid frame and polarized lenses ensuring you have eyewear that will hold up well to repeated use. The lenses are also treated with a scratch resistant coating, ensuring they remain in first class condition for a long time. The polarised lenses have been engineered to reduce glare, while also providing you with superb impact resistance. The lenses are designed to provide you with complete protection against UVA and UVB ray, allowing you to enjoy fishing on the water with peace of mind. The lenses have also passed extensive tests to ensure no optical distortion that might lead to eye strain and wearing fatigue.

You can also look forward to premium frames here. Grilamid material has been used here to produce a quality frame that will hold up well to intensive use. This is the same material used for military and medical applications, providing you with a balance of lightweight wearing comfort and flexibility. The frames are designed to withstand high temperatures and constant exposure to UV rays, without the worry of warping and distortion. The wraparound design also provides you with a snug and comfortable fit, with little chance of the shades falling away from their desired position. A rigid protective case with zipper fastening is included along with the sunglasses themselves, as well as a microfibre cleaning pouch.

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RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving shades For Men TR90 Unbreakable Frame

If you want an affordable pair of sunglasses for fishing that will last for a long time, these RIVBOS polarized shades are a good choice. These fishing glasses not feature a durable plastic frame, with tri-acetate cellulose lenses and mirror coating. The lenses are particularly impressive for a pair of sunglasses at such a low price. You can enjoy complete protection against UVA and UVB rays, with reliable filtering of all UV wavelengths and harmful blue light. The lenses also provide you with true colour restoration, while reflected light is eliminated at all times to ensure your eyes are constantly protected and your vision remains true.

A high-grade frame further adds to the durability of these sunglasses. Lightweight TR-90 material has been used to produce a sleek frame that ensures these shades are comfortable for wearing for long periods of time. The material is also very resilient to high temperatures and weathering, meaning it will not warp over time. These sunglasses come with a lifetime breakage warranty, meaning you can invest with peace of mind. Also included along with the sunglasses themselves is a storage case, cleaning pouch and neck cord.

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KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women, Ideal for Driving Fishing Cycling and Running,UV Protection

These KastKing Hiwassee sunglasses are a very affordable choice for those looking for polarized performance and protection against UV rays. Although you are looking at a fairly affordable piece of eyewear here, you do not have to settle for second-rate protection. These stylish fishing sunglasses boast a durable Grilamid frame, along with first-rate lenses. The polarized lenses are very effective at reducing glare, while the impact-resistance potential of these shades is also impressive. The lenses here offer complete protection against UVA and UVB rays at all times. They have also been tested to ensure no optical distortion, which is often associated with eye strain and fatigue if you are wearing shades for long spells at a time.

The frame design will also satisfy anglers who want a pair of sunglasses they can wear for many hours. The lightweight Grilamid frame includes an anti-slip nose and temple pads to ensure a good fit. Even when casting off or carrying out exerting activity, these sunglasses will remain firmly in place. Should the worst happen and these glasses fall from your face, the TAC reinforcement credentials will minimise the chance of breakage and damage. You also have a wide range of colours to consider when selecting your eyewear, with vibrant lens colours and frame patterns to choose from.

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Huk Fishing Polarized Sunglasses For Men, UV Protection, Water Repellent Lens

These Huk fishing sunglasses have been carefully engineered to meet the needs of anglers. Firstly, you have quality polarized lenses to make use of. These polycarbonate lenses have been designed to efficiently block glare, ensuring you can enjoy superb clarity when fishing. The lenses are also resistant to scratches and can cope with everyday impacts. Most importantly, they provide complete protection against harmful UV rays.

The performance frames will also satisfy the needs of anglers. Th injected TR90 frame material is particularly strong, while still being lightweight enough that the glasses can be worn for many hours at a time. Despite the lightweight design, the frame will hold its form and shape for longer, while also ensuring you can enjoy superior wearing comfort. The wraparound coverage will also enhance the protection and performance provided by these sunglasses. The wrap frame will block light more successfully, allowing you to undertake a wider range of activities when fishing. Non-slip rubber pads at the temples and nose are also included to ensure the frames remain firmly in place at all times.

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Our Pick of the Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

As you can see, there are many options available to anglers looking for quality polarized sunglasses. However, with so many potential options to consider, picking the perfect pair can be a daunting task.

If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive choice of shades to use when fishing, you should think about Fishoholic’s polarized sunglasses. These fishing glasses might be inexpensive, but they offer all the essential lens credentials you need to maintain excellent vision when casting off. They are also incredibly wearable and durable, making them perfectly suited to regular use on the water.

If you are a committed angler who needs a pair of polarized sunglasses that will cope with regular exposure to harsh sunlight and the water, Huk Fishing’s premium shades are the way to go. They offer advanced UV protection and superior viewing from all angles, both of which should be crucial considerations for any angler. They are also incredibly water repellent, meaning you do not have to worry about dropping them in shallow water.

Female anglers also have plenty of options to consider. Costa Del Mar offers some excellent polarized sunglasses for female users. Both the Waterwoman and Isla models from the brand do not disappoint as far as lens technology and frame design is concerned. However, the Costa Del Mar Isla sunglasses do have a slight edge thanks to their stylish round frame.

In general, Costa Del Mar is a good brand to go for when selecting polarized fishing sunglasses. The advanced lenses are among some of the best on the market, offering excellent vision credentials and durable design. There is also a massive range of frame styles to consider, meaning you will struggle not to find a pair that perfectly meets your individual tastes and requirements.


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