Best Motorized Kayaks | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2022

Best Motorized Kayaks

A motorized kayak is an essential upgrade for anyone looking to get the most out of kayak fishing. A kayak with an electric motor not only allows you to cover more ground and find new fishing spots, it also saves you having to exhaust yourself paddling with a heavy load of angling gear and fishing essentials. A motorized kayak can be an expensive investment however, so you need to think long and hard about what features are important when selecting a suitable model. Our guide includes all the essential features you should focus on when choosing a motorized yak.

Types of Motorized Kayak

When selecting a motorized kayak, you have a few different varieties to choose from. Some motorized kayaks come with an electric motor already installed. These can either be motors that depend on a hook up to a battery to power thrust or engines that run on gasoline in order to function. Both have their own unique benefits. Engines that require you to use conventional fuel can be very powerful and offer plenty of thrust. The downside is that they are not particularly efficient and can create a lot of noise. They are also prone to overheating if not maintained correctly. An electric motor that relies on battery power is therefore the best way to go. Look for motorized kayak that include ports of batteries so you can keep your motor readily supplied with voltage on the go.


A motorized kayak generally needs to be more robust than ones not relying on a powerful engine. Although some inflatable kayaks and lightweight watercraft can utilise smaller electric motors, more powerful kayak motors can potentially damage a delicate hull. You should therefore make sure you have purchased a kayak that is built from a high-grade material. Polyethylene is a superb choice of material that will result in a hull with plenty of strength and integrity. Kayaks made from this material usually feature a one-piece hull design that will withstand excessive vibration and operating heat from a fierce motor. It also has the benefit of being very durable in its own right, making it well suited to life on the water.

Steering Systems

A motorized kayak removes the need for paddling, but you will still need to steel. A good rudder system is therefore crucial. Pedal drive systems are particularly popular, especially if you are purchasing a smaller electric kayak. These pedal systems mean you can make rudder adjustments to change direction in the water, without having to use your hands. If you want to use your motorized kayak to explore fishing grounds and enjoy angling expeditions, they are incredibly convenient.

Storage & Accessory Mounting

As with any kayak, a motorized boat should provide you with plenty of storage for essential items you will need on your adventures. The bigger the kayak, the more storage space is usually provided. Make sure you have watertight hatches for storing expensive items or electronics, as well as bungee cords and mesh compartments for storing things like paddles to use in an emergency should your motor fail. If you want to use your kayak for fishing, you will also want things like rod holders and scupper holes included. Tackle trays and space for bait boxes is also welcome.

Best Motorized Kayaks | Reviews

Take the effort out of kayak fishing and invest in a motorized alternative. Below are some of the very best motorized kayak models currently on offer from some of the most reputable manufacturers around.

Wilderness Systems Radar 115 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Premium Angler Kayak | 11′ 6″

The Radar 115 from Wilderness Systems is one of the best motorized kayaks currently available on the market, especially for this price point. This tri-powered kayak is compatible with a wide range of drive options, including the Helix MD Motor Drive and PD Pedal Drive. This kayak has a flat platform that allows you stand upright when fishing, while the large interior also provides you with more than enough space to move around to do what you need to do. Smart hull technology also comes as standard with this kayak, making it incredibly stable and ensuring you can enjoy impressive acceleration on thee water. It also delivers exceptional levels of responsiveness and superior tracking ability.

This kayak also includes a comfortable AirPro Max Seat. This ergonomic seat provides you with a choice of three reclining positions, while the innovative mounting of the seat means it can travel along the length of the kayak. Footrests are also included, with their large design and padded construction making this kayak a pleasure to use. The seat and footrest configuration also ensures users of all sizes can use this kayak comfortably. You will also find a Flex Pod OS included here. This pod provides you with a convenient place to store all your angling essentials, including fish finders, batteries, transducers and cables. Alternatively, it can be used to house pedal or motor drives. Other useful features include SlideTrax rails for mounting a wide variety of accessories. Front paddle parking is also provided, along with multiple storage hatches. There is also a generous amount of rear storage provided in the tank well.

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Old Town Predator MK Fishing Kayak with Motor and Rudder

The Old Town Predator MK is fairly expensive, but if you are looking for a motorized kayak that includes everything you need to get started on the water, it is worth thinking about. The Predator MK is more than just a fishing kayak, offering many features usually reserved for bass boats and skiff vessels. You will find a premium Minn Kota MK motor included here which, combined with the foot-controlled rudder system, allows you to manoeuvre across the water with ease, all the while keeping your hands free for rods and other angling gear.

The advanced hull design also makes this one of the most stable kayaks out t here. Not only can you enjoy precise control of your yak at all times, you can enjoy minimal noise to ensure you do not disturb nearby fish. The kayak can be easily controlled no matter how you have the seat configured. An Exo Ridge deck is also included to allow you stand upright without worrying about losing your balance or footing, making it ideal for angling applications.

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4 Stroke Engines Gasoline Powered Jet Kayak Motorized Canoe Shipped by Air 55 Km/h Professional high tech Exhaust System.

This MACraft 4 Stroke kayak is a good option for those looking to achieve reasonable speeds on the water. This gasoline powered kayak will allow you to achieve speeds of up to 25 miles per hour on calmer waters, while the powerful drive performance makes it a good option when contending with choppier conditions. The fighter pilot style controls are also going to appeal to many kayakers. The intuitive control system means you will have little trouble getting familiar with how your kayak works, while handling is a breeze in any condition. The 10-litre fuel tank also means you can stay out on the water for a good stretch of time. On average, the tank consumes three litres of gasoline per hour. You will not be using the motor constantly, so the tank capacity should provide you with more than enough fuel for a day-long fishing experience.

This motorized kayak is also good for those looking for heavy-duty design. The durable hull exterior copes well with demanding conditions. This is a key thing to consider when shopping for motorized kayaks as you are more likely to experience impacts when accelerating. This kayak also offers a decent weight capacity of 220 pounds, which should accommodate most individuals. It also leaves some room for storing angling gear onboard. One big drawback of this kayak is the price. Although it looks relatively basic on the outside, the fuel tank design and propulsion system means this MACraft 4 Stroke kayak is one of the more experience models on the market.

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Perception Pescador Pilot 12 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak with Pedal Drive | Adjustable Lawn Chair Seat and Tackle Storage Areas | 12′

The Perception Pescador Pilot 12 is the ideal choice if you are looking for a low profile fishing kayak that can cope with a wide variety of conditions. This pedal driven kayak is relatively inexpensive, with a comfortable seat to provide you with a perfect recline as you pedal or fish. The seat can be adjusted to provide you with a bespoke position, while the breathable mesh construction makes it an incredibly comfortable option. The pedal system can easily be recessed into the hull of this kayak, eliminating drag that might slow you down, especially if you plan to use it in windy conditions. The superior construction of this kayak will also impress those after a durable yak option. The one-piece construction makes it particularly hard-wearing, while the leak-proof design means you will not have to worry about taking on water. Integrated buoyancy also makes this a very stable and safe option.

This kayak also delivers as far as storage potential is concerned. There are large open storage sections in the front and rear of this kayak, providing ample space for tackle boxes, coolers and other bulky items. The hull also includes gear tracks and mounting options for things like rod holders, fish finders and other useful angling items. A cup holder is also included so you can keep hydrated when angling. You also have a variety of colourways on offer here, with all the available design options impressing. The only drawback here is that you will need to add a motor in order to accelerate at significant speeds. However, the removable pedal drive system is particularly good and provides you with an efficient and quiet way to traverse bodies of water.

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Fissot Newest 1-Person Folding Canoe Fishing Jet Plastic Kayak

This high-quality fishing kayak from Fissot certainly stands out from the competition with its unique folding design. This sit-on fishing kayak has been designed with performance in mind. The sleeker profile will allow you to cut through water more quickly, while the low profile build also makes it a dream to handle. The sleek build also makes it a much more stable option. When you are ready to fish, the retractable stabilisers can be deployed to improve balance further. If you are fishing with heavier rods and poles, or generally struggle with your balance when fishing from a kayak, these stabilisers will massively impress.

There is a lot more to this kayak than its stabilisers, however. The rudder control system makes this yak very easy to steer, allowing you to chance direction quickly and easily. There is also an additional stand up support to allow you to get to your feet when holding rods and other angling items. A power centre is also included, with a battery pack provided so you can keep your electronic items and fish finders constantly supplied with the energy they need to function. There is also a huge amount of storage space provided here. Watertight compartments are included for housing delicate items, while smaller recesses and holders can be found throughout the cockpit. Rod holders are also included, meaning you can take multiple rods with you and have several lures on the go at the same time. One slight downside of this motorized kayak is that it lacks a comfortable backrest. However, you the seat pad provides enough cushioning to allow you to maintain good posture when using your kayak so you will not have to worry about backache and cramps when out on the water for long fishing sessions.

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4 Stroke Engine Gasoline Powered Canoe Motorized Canoe Shipped by Air 55 Km/h professional high tech exhaust system.

This 4 Stroke motorized kayak from MACraft is an expensive choice, but it does at least offer some impressive functions and features that set it apart from more basic options. This kayak has a sleek hull design that allows you to really push the boundaries of speed and acceleration. The fighter pilot style controls make it easy to steer your kayak through challenging waters, with the control panel recessed discreetly into the hull so you have more room to move around. This kayak is also build to a very high standard, with a robust one-piece construction that provides excellent buoyancy and stability on the water. You can also expect substantial speeds with this motorized kayak. The high tech exhaust system and efficient motor means you can achieve maximum speeds of 55 kilometres per hour.

The standard features are also first-rate. The padded seat and cushioned backrest make this a comfortable option for those looking to stay out on the water for many hours at a time. There is also plenty of storage capacity here. Watertight compartments can be found directly behind the seat, with a substantial hatch compartment at the rear of the kayak. Bungee cords can be found at the bow end of the yak, allowing you to store larger items like paddles with ease. If you are looking to fish from a kayak, you will need to carry out a few modifications here to bring it up to spec, but these can be carried out with relatively little effort.

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2022  Hobie Mirage Outback

The 2022 Hobie Mirage Outback is kitted out with all the features you need for a first-rate fishing expedition. This durable motorized kayak can be used out on the ocean if you are looking to catch saltwater fish, but is also sleek enough that it can be used inshore to stalk freshwater fish. Innovative Kick-Up Fins that retract upon the moment of impact are included here, while the extra-wide deck provides you with plenty of place to stand when casting. You have plenty of room to move around here, meaning you can enjoy a useful vantage point of your surroundings and gaze down into the water below with ease. This kayak is also equipped with a Vantage CTW seat that is much wider than most kayak seats and delivers superior comfort for the user.

The 2010 Hobie Mirage Outback also includes four rod holders that have been molded into the hull itself, as well as H-Track mounts so you can attach a wide variety of angling accessories You also have an incredible amount of storage on offer here. High-capacity compartments provide you with perfect place to store all of your gear when on the water. These compartments are also watertight, meaning you do not have to worry about sensitive items becoming damaged. A Guardian Transducer Shield is also included, allowing you to utilise fish finders and fishing cameras to increase your visibility. This kayak is powered by a MirageDrive 180 motor, which is supported by Kick-Up Turbo Fins and ARC cranks. The rudder system also allows for dual steering performance, which effectively combats drift and allows you to navigate the tightest waters with ease.

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2022 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive

2020 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive

While the 2022 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 is very expensive, it will provide the buyer prepared to invest with premium features that will overhaul your kayak fishing expeditions. All the things could want from a top-tier fishing kayak are provided here. This kayak is the way to go if you are looking for a stealthy watercraft that offers stable performance, a comfortable interior and plenty of useful features that make angling as easy as possible. You can explore almost any environment thanks to the inclusion of brand new kick up fins that instantly retract when they come into contact with anything. Comfort is also assured thanks to the inclusion of a Vantage ST seat. Dual steering is also possible, while a retractable transducer shield is also included so you can utilise your fish finding devices.

This kayak is powered by a Mirage 360 Drive Tech motor, as well as ST Turbo Kick-Up Fins. This motor technology means you will have little trouble contending with choppy waters offshore. The Vantage seat also provides you with customised comfort. There are four adjustable positions to choose from, while the Boa lumbar support will mean backache is never something you will have to worry about. There are also four horizontal rod holders, two vertical rod holders and a two piece paddle included. You also have a significant amount of storage provided here. A rectangular hatch with tackle management system is included, along with a large hatch to the front of the yak for storing bigger items. There is also additional tackle storage located directly beneath the seat.

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2022 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 with 360 Drive

2020 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive

The 2022  Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 with 360 Drive is one of the most expensive motorized kayaks in this list, but it comes loaded with premium features and technology. The Mirage Pro Angler 12 excels when it comes to steering control, stability and stealth. It also delivers first-rate comfort features and superior storage capacity. The wide standing platform is ideal for those who want to stand and cast off, with EVA traction pads ensuring you never slip and lose your footing. The standing platform is also large enough that you can move around with ease, allowing you to change your standing position or assess your surroundings. The powerful Mirage 360 motor also means you can accelerate through the water at speed, although this kayak does allow for manual steering and includes a quality two-piece paddle.

This kayak will more than impress as far as comfort is concerned. The Vantage seating provides you with four adjustable sitting positions, along with Boa lumbar support to eliminate the worry of backache. There is also a great deal of integrated storage and mounting options here. Two vertical rod holders and four horizontal rod holders are included, along with several hatches for storing large gear. Tackle management systems are also included, with under-the-seat tackle storage for smaller items.

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Our Personal Pick of the Best Motorized Kayaks

If you can afford the upgrade to a motorized fishing kayak, you have a good selection of suitable options. The Fissot Newest is a good way to go if you are after ingenious design and hands-free fishing. The big draw of this electric kayak is the inclusion of retractable stabilisers. This provides you with all the stability you need when casting off and reeling in. This versatile electric kayak will also provide you many advantages of an inflatable alternative. A battery pack is included so you can connect a trolling motor of your choice, while integrated rod holders provide you with handy angling storage when kayaking. This fishing boat also provides you with a speed controller so you can quickly adjust the speed of your kayak motor, while it will not disappoint when it comes to durability. Rudder control also means you can put less effort into paddling and focus more angling.

Another option worth a second look is the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14. This is not the cheapest Hobie model on the market, but is cheaper than the most premium electric motor kayaks from this reputable brand. This premium kayak comes with a powerful motor and integrated fins that allow you to browse for the perfect fishing spot with ease. It also includes a comfortable seat with a wide scope of customizable adjustments and lumbar support. There is also a significant degree of storage provided by this kayak, with all the space you need for housing fishing gear and angling items. You also have the option of dual steering, meaning you will not be left adrift if your electric motor gives out.


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