Best Fishing Face Masks | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2022

Best Fishing Face Masks

Fishing face masks should be an essential part of any angling arsenal. Quality face coverings not only protect your airways against harmful allergens and pollutants, they also protect the skin from sunburn when exposed to UV radiation for many hours at a time. As face masks for fishing need to be worn for long periods of time, they also need to be user-friendly and comfortable to wear. Therefore, you should not overlook the importance of breathable materials and wearability. Our guide will explore all the basic factors you should be considering when purchasing fishing face masks.

Versatile Design

The most basic of face coverings for fishing take the form of face masks that are worn over the mouth and nose. These offer limited protection against the sun, but do provide your airways with protection against pollutants, dust and allergens. To ensure these masks are effective, the design should incorporate a nose clip that can be pressed down to ensure a good seal when worn. They should also include replaceable filters to provide you with the best possible protection against microscopic particles.

A neck gaiter is the best option for angler looking to protect against the harmful effects of UV radiation. These coverings are made from stretchy material and can be worn around the neck, with the fabric then pulled up to cover the mouth and nose. When worn along with sunglasses and a cap, they offer almost complete protection against UV rays. However, the material should boast a high enough UPF rating that it will cope with extreme sunlight exposure. Neck gaiter headwear often allows you to wear the covering in a variety of ways. With minor adjustments, you can also wear such coverings as a headband, a beanie, a hat liner and more.

Breathable Fabrics

Fishing headwear should be made from breathable materials to ensure it can be worn comfortably for long stretches. Polyester-rich fabric blends are often used in the construction of fishing masks. This material is lightweight and relatively breathable, allowing for good air circulation without compromising on protection against sunlight. This material is also fairly flexible, allowing you to adjust your mask to your liking. Look for fishing masks with a hint of spandex in the overall fabric composition. This results in a stretchier design that means the mask can be tugged and pulled to provide customised coverage.

Such materials are also good at wicking away moisture from the skin layer. This will prevent sweat from building up and irritating the skin. This is very important for those casting off in bright weather or humid conditions. It also ensures the material is quick to dry, making it far easier to launder.

Best Fishing Face Masks | Reviews

If you are looking for premium face protection for your next fishing adventure, you should consider some of these first-rate options. We have selected some of the best neck warmers, face shields and fishing mask around.

S A – UV Face Shield 5 Pack – Multipurpose Neck Gaiter, Elastic Face Mask for Men and Women

This versatile neck gaiter is a good option for those looking for reliable protection from the elements when fishing. Made from durable polyester, this face mask will cope well with regular exposure to moisture and the elements. Elastic closure also allows for firm fitting, keeping the cold and weather out at all times. You also have a wide variety of patterns and colour options to consider here, with eye-catching prints and motifs that will suit every taste. The innovative design of this face mask also provides you with plenty of ways to wear it. In total, there are a dozen different wearing configurations to choose from. You can use this as a conventional face shield or full head, as well as a headband or wristband. You can also use it as a beanie or balaclava.

This quality face shield has a UPF 40 rating, providing you with sufficient UV protection for most situations. It is also dustproof. This quick drying mask will ensure moisture never builds up on the skin, minimising the chance of irritation and improving wearing comfort. It also adds an effective warming layer for when you are fishing in colder weather. The durable polyester material is also very easy to care for, coping well with regular washing and air drying.

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Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Mask Scarf Dust Sun Protection Cool Lightweight Windproof, Breathable Fishing Hiking Running Cycling

This high-quality face cover from Achiou is a very affordable option for those looking to minimise exposure to UV rays and harsh elements. Made from a comfortable fabric with a 4-way stretch, this neck gaiter feels incredibly soft against the skin. Not only will it protect you against UV rays and sunburn, it also provides an effective barrier against wind, dust and other debris. The quick-drying nature of this face cover makes it incredibly well suited to fishing. If you come into contact with water, the material will dry quickly, preventing your skin from becoming damp and suffering from irritation. It also quickly wicks away sweat that might build up when fishing in warmer weather.

The stretchy design of this headwear will also appeal to angler looking for a simple fit. The elasticated material makes it easy to enjoy full coverage, with the universal design making it a good fit for every user. You can also quickly adjust it to suit varying temperatures and conditions, providing you with bespoke protection against all conditions.

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Doomfist Mountain Cliff Dust Washable Reusable Filter and Reusable Mouth Windproof Warm Cotton Face

This unisex face mask from Doomfist is an inexpensive piece of fishing protection no angler can be without. Made from moisture-wicking polyester, this mask feels soft against the skin and is incredibly breathable. The durable material is also designed to withstand the elements. It will stave off water intrusion, making it a good option for those enjoying fishing excursions. It is also washable, allowing to enjoy a hygienic mask at all times. The elastic straps and back also make this a versatile choice and one that can be easily adapted to individual wearers. The length of this mask can be quickly adjusted to match your specific face contours every time, meaning you never have to worry about your face and mouth being exposed.

This face cover boasts includes two activated carbon filters, each with five layers of protection that can be replaced over time. The integrated nose clip also allows you enjoy a firm fit, ensuring your mouth and nasal passages are properly protected against harmful elements. This mask not only provides a good degree of insulation against the cold, it also protects your airways from harmful pollutants and allergens. Although this mask offers a good basic level of protection, it does not offer much coverage for the neck and face. If you are looking to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, you should look to invest in a more substantial sun mask.

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Bassdash UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Neck Gaiter Fishing Mask Hunting Kayaking Hiking Cycling Sports

This Bassdash neck gaiter is definitely worth considering if you are worried about the effects of UV radiation. With a UPF 50+ rating, this gaiter is very effective at protecting you from UV rays and will help prevent the chance of developing sunburn and skin cancer. This gaiter is made from a lightweight blend of polyester and spandex, with the latter material providing the face covering with essential stretch that makes it much easier to fit to your face and adjust to your liking. The lightweight fabric blend also feels soft on the skin, making it a good option for those who suffer with sensitivity to more abrasive materials.

This face mask definitely delivers when it comes to versatility. It is ideal for fishing, but can also be used when snowboarding or partaking in a wide variety of outdoor activities. This mask offers good coverage for the nose, ears and neck, with the breathable construction ensuring airflow is not restricted. Although breathable, this face covering offers a good degree of insulation against the elements. It will keep you warm on colder days and stamp out the chill factor when casting off in windy conditions. The colourful camo motifs also make this mask a stylish option.

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JOEYOUNG Headwear, Bandana, Neck Gaiter Head Wrap Headband Balaclava Magic Scarf

If you are looking for premium fishing headwear that will protect against the elements, this versatile face covering from JOEYOUNG is a good option. This multi-purpose covering can be worn in a variety of ways, including as a conventional neck gaiter, head wrap or balaclava. The polyester microfibre material is both lightweight and breathable, making it very comfortable and a good option for those looking for unrestricted airflow. The stretchy material also ensures a good fit, especially if you readjust it on a regular basis. Those worried about sunburn and UV rays will also find this mask a good fit for their needs, with the material serving as a good barrier against UV radiation.

This Magic Headwear also provides effective protection against dust an other allergens. This is very important if you are looking to fish on days with a high pollen count. The moisture-wicking material also makes it a good candidate for use on the water. The quick-drying material is also useful on summer days, ensuring sweat never builds up the skin. You can also expect good coverage with this mask, with the adjustable design covering the neck, ears, mouth and nose. A variety of vibrant colour options and printed patterns are also available for you to choose from.

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6 Pieces Summer UV Protection Face Cover Neck Gaiter Bandana Breathable Headwrap Cooling Face Cover for Camping Running Cycling Fishing Sport Hunting

This breathable face covering provides you with complete coverage against the elements when fishing, with a user-friendly design that allows for effortless adjustment. This neck gaiter includes elastic closure to ensure a good fit, with the stretchy material also allowing for more precise adjustments. The seamless construction and durable materials also make this a mask that will stand up to regular washing. You can regularly launder and dry it without the worry of material fading or shrinkage. This versatile mask also allows you to wear it in a variety of ways, providing you to tailored protection against a variety of conditions.

This mask also delivers as far as UV protection is concerned, protecting delicate skin from harmful rays. The material is also very breathable, meaning you can wear the mask close to your skin without worrying about air circulation being restricted. The breathable fabric also makes it very comfortable to wear for hours at a time, with moisture-wicking properties ensuring sweat is quickly pulled away from the skin layer to keep you cool.

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Fishoholic Fishing Face Mask -2 Color Options- UPF50+ Fishing Neck Gaiter Sun Wind Dust Sun Protection & Also Bandana Scarf for Men Women Hunting Kayak Fish Bass

This Fishoholic face mask is one of the best options for those looking for full protection against harmful UV rays and the elements. Although basic masks offer a good degree of UV protection, this Fishoholic covering goes above and beyond with its UP5 50+ rating. This means you will not have to worry about sunburn taking hold if you are angling in sunny conditions. The material also boasts a 4-way stretch, with a hint of spandex included in the fabric composition to ensure the mask can be easily adjusted to your liking. This stretchy design also makes it possible to reconfigure the wearing style of the mask.

Quick-drying design also makes this a practical option. Should the mask be exposed to water, you can continue to wear it instead of having to remove it and dry it separately. The moisture-wicking properties also mean sweat will not build up beneath the fabric and skin. This unisex face covering also comes in a neutral design that will easily coordinate with your outfit and fishing gear.

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Hurley Multipurpose Neck Gaiter Face Mask with Moisture Wicking Technology

Add some colour to fishing ensembles with this multi-purpose face mask from Hurley. This quality face covering is made from durable polyester, with a seamless construction ensuring it holds its form well for as long as possible. This mask also boasts impressive moisture-wicking properties, ensuring you never need worry about wearing a damp mask. It also means sweat is unlikely to build up when wearing the mask for long spells in hot conditions. This mask is also a very breathable design, providing you with excellent air circulation at all times.

The soft feel of the material makes it a comfortable option and allows you to wear the mask tightly against the skin. The lack of seams also enhance wearing comfort, with nothing to irritate sensitive skin. This is also a very versatile choice. You can wear it in a variety of ways, including as a basic neck gaiter, a conventional mask, a bandanna, headband or beanie. It is also very easy to care for ans is suitable for cleaning in washing machines. It will also cope with a cycle in the washing machine.

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Our Pick of the Best Fishing Masks

A quality fishing mask is an essential for anyone who wants to keep their skin protected from the elements. All the options we have discussed previously are very affordable, although there are some definite standouts that deserve a second look.

When deciding on a suitable mask for fishing, there a few things that should also be included as standard. As most masks come in a universal size, you should ensure that the design is easily adjusted to provide you with a snug and secure fit. Material with a 4-way stretch and a touch of spandex will make settling on a perfect fit easy. You also want to ensure your face covering has some multi-purpose application. Look for designs that can be worn in a variety of ways, providing you with bespoke protection for a variety of outdoor activities. Protecting your skin from UV radiation is also crucial. Therefore, any mask you buy should be made from material with a good UPF rating. However, materials should also be breathable enough that your air intake is not restricted and the skin is kept cool and comfortable. A seamless design is also a big perk as it will prevent rubbing and irritation.

Brands like Fishoholic and Hurley are a good place to start when selecting a fishing mask. These manufacturers target the angling and outdoor pursuit market strategically with their performance materials and user-friendly design. You can also expect masks from these brands to be of a high enough standard that they will last for a long time.


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