Best Duck Hunting Kayak | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Duck Hunting Kayak

If you are looking to hunt for waterfowl you will need to invest in a quality duck hunting kayak. Scoping from the water will allow you to get far closer to potential targets and access ripe hunting grounds. A kayak is also a far more affordable alternative to a conventional boat, while also providing you with increased manoeuvrability in shallow water. Duck hunting kayaks are also convenient for those looking to seek out targets individually. Keen to improve your performance when hunting waterfowl? Our guide lays out all the things you need to remember when looking for the best duck hunting kayak for your budget.


When hunting for ducks and other waterfowl, you will need to ensure you can move around within your kayak with ease. A standing platform is therefore a must. A wider vessel will provide you with more room to move around, while also ensuring the buoyancy of your kayak is not compromised. A non-slip base is another essential feature to consider. This will not only prevent you from slipping when moving around, but allow you to be much more silent as you do. This will ensure you do not disturb any nearby targets. A kayak with a catamaran-style design is another potential option, offering the best in balance and buoyancy. A twin-hull watercraft is certainly advised if you are looking to venture out onto the water with two people.

Stealth & Camouflage

The last thing you want when hunting for ducks is to give away your position. A low-profile design will dramatically improve your chances of getting close to potential targets without giving yourself away. A kayak with a lower profile is far easier to disguise among rushes and reeds. Opting for a kayak with a camouflage motif and neutral colouring is also an idea. If you are interested in purchasing a 2-in-1 craft that can be used as both a pit blind and kayak, you definitely want to opt for something as discreet as possible. A green or brown colourway is also essential if you intend to blend seamlessly with the broadest range of surroundings.

Storage Capacity

When out hunting for ducks in your kayak, you will need to ensure your rifles, decoys and other gear is within easy reach. You will also need ample storage for things like water and food, as well as any outdoor gear required to allow you to continue hunting in adverse weather. When selecting a suitable kayak for hunting, make sure the interior cockpit has enough room to house your rifle. You will also want smaller compartments for storing things like ammo and rifle attachments. A watertight storage hatch is always welcome as this will provide weatherproof protection for delicate items. You should also make sure any watercraft you buy has mesh netting for storing dry gear (GPS, Fish Finders, etc), as well as mounting rails so you can add accessories to the outer hull.


As with any watercraft, a duck hunting kayak should be easy to transport. Recessed handles will allow you to lift and move the craft with ease, although this is usually only possible with a second person to hand. When duck hunting, you may need to bring your craft to shore and explore new surroundings quickly. Therefore, look for kayaks that include integrated wheels. These wheels allow you to roll your kayak to the water edge with one hand. They also allow you to carry your kayak across long distances when you are on dry land. If you are looking for a versatile kayak design that can also be used as a pit blind, wheels are a crucial feature.

Best Duck Hunting Kayak | Reviews

Need some help narrowing down your options to select the best duck hunting kayak for your budget? These premium kayak models are perfect for duck hunting, with a variety of useful features that will make your kayaking excursions as hassle-free as possible.

Perception Pescador Pilot 12 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak with Pedal Drive | Adjustable Lawn Chair Seat and Tackle Storage Areas | 12′

The Perception Pescador Pilot 12 is a good choice of kayak for those who value stealth when hunting for ducks or anglers scoping the water for fish. A key advantage of this kayak is its pedal-driven design. This not only takes the hard work out of getting your vessel across the water, it also ensures you disturb your marine surroundings less. This creates fewer ripples and the noise, minimising the chance of you alerting nearby prey to your presence. The pedal-driven performance of this kayak also means your hands are left free to handle rifles and other weapons, allowing you to be immediately ready to fire upon potential targets.

This kayak is also a comfortable model. This kayak is designed for a single occupant, with a large cockpit interior that provides plenty of reclining space and legroom. The mesh seat includes a multiple levels of adjustment, providing you with the perfect reclining position for your individual needs. The mesh material also makes this seat very breathable, making it suitable for use on the water and in humid conditions. The one-piece construction of this kayak also makes it a leak-proof option. There is very little chance for water to gain a foothold here, keeping the interior of the kayak as dry as possible. You can also expect superior buoyancy with this kayak, making a stable and safe choice.

This kayak also offers you a good range of storage options. The front and rear of the cockpit provides large storage space for things like coolers and more substantial gear. You will also find built-in accessory rails for storing fish finders and other angling accessories. This kayak also provides a place for rod holders, making it a particularly good choice for anglers.

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Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

The Tamarack Angler 100 is an ideal choice of kayak for those looking to hunt waterfowl with ease. The camo green hull design provides you a low-key vessel that will blends seamlessly into your surroundings. Although this kayak does not provide a pedal-drive system, the included double-edged paddle is relatively discreet, allowing for quiet paddling so you will not disturb potential prey. This kayak also features deep hull channels which will provide you with better tracking performance. Chine rails are also included, making this sit-in kayak particularly stable.

This relatively compact kayak has also been designed with comfort in mind. The adjustable seat allows you to decide on a recline that is right for you, while both the seat pad and back rest are fully padded for comfort. There are also multiple footrest positions to choose between, making this kayak suitable for paddlers of all sizes. This kayak is also manufactured to a good standard, providing you with a watertight hull that will keep the elements out.

You also have some handy integrated storage on offer with this duck hunting kayak. Bungee cords are included at the front and rear of the vessel, providing you with convenient storage for hunting gear. You also have two storage hatches on hand or storing valuables beneath deck and away from the elements. A paddle keeper is also included as part of the design, allowing to keep your paddle firmly in place when you are not using it.

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Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Journey is a top kayak pick for those looking to enjoy a spot of waterfowl hunting. If you are looking for versatility, this premium duck boat will certainly appeal to you. This watercraft can be used in a variety of environments, but is particularly suited to shallow water. You can use this kayak on lakes and rivers, while the low profile design and manoeuvrability of the vessel makes it easy to access to a wide range of hunting grounds.

This duck hunting kayak is fairly lightweight, making it easy to carry to the open water. Retractable carry handles are included so you can get a firm hold on the craft, even if carrying it alone. This boat also performs well on the water. The tracking performance is exceptional and the kayak paddles well with relatively little effort. It is also a very stable design, making it easy to move around when it comes to reaching for your ammo and unleashing your rounds.

This kayak also features a portable accessory carrier, with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. This ensures you can carry a good stock of ammo and other hunting gear along with you. Two flush mounts are also included, along with a swivel rod holder, making the kayak a good choice for angling. This kayak will also impress with its durability, with the solid construction making it well suited to regular use. Watertight storage compartments are also included so you can keep sensitive items locked away from the elements until you need them.

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Feel Free Lure 11.5 Kayak

This Feel Free Lure fishing kayak will appeal to duck hunters looking for a durable design and easy handling. This kayak boasts a patent-pending gravity seat for enhanced comfort when hunting. The seat also includes integrated pockets for convenient storage of small items. You also have plenty of dry storage options provided here. There is an oval hatch with hinge to the front, as well as a quarter turn hatch for housing smaller item. Side pockets, track rails and fishing rod holders can also be utilised for all your angling and duck hunting requirements.

This kayak is suitable for use in calmer waters, with a wider profile that makes it incredibly stale. The generous standing platforms means you have plenty of room to move around when it comes to your final attack, while a textured grip base provides you with additional stability underfoot. Another great feature of this kayak is the inclusion of a wheel in the keel. This will save you the strain of having to lug the craft to the water by yourself, with the hard-wearing wheel robust enough to handle hard surfaces.

Another nifty feature of this kayak is the sonar and electronic pod. This provides you with the freedom to install additional devices such as fish finders and sonar hardware. While you can fit such devices to most kayaks, you will usually have to drill into the hull or add mounting brackets beforehand. The sonar pad negates the need for that, allowing you to fully kit our your craft with little effort.

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Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak Kayak 10-Foot Lightweight one Person Kayak Perfect for Recreation, Yellow, One Size

This Pelican Maxim 100X kayak is an affordable duck hunting kayak with plenty of incredible features. This duck boat is lightweight in design and easy to carry to the water. T-handles are included at the front and rear for easy handling and transportation, allowing to start tracking waterfowl and other prey as quickly as possible. This sit-in kayak also has a generous weight capacity, with the hull easily accommodating max weights f up to 275 pounds.

You also have a lot of storage on offer here. This craft includes a dry storage hatch, as well as a bungee cord and storage platform. There is also a mesh covering on the deck so you can store additional gear, ensuring everything you need for duck hunting is close to hand. This is a low profile vessel that allows you to blend in with your surroundings, but the shallow design does not compromise stability. In fact, the hull shape will ensure you are always stable on the water, even when moving around.

The kayak cockpit is designed with comfort in mind. The ERGOFORM seat boasts a padded seat base, while the backrest can be ready adjusted to provide you with the desired level of support. You will also find a cockpit table with cup holder included, while molded footrests allow you to maintain a comfortable position when paddling. A drain plug is also included so you can keep on top of any water intrusion, allowing you to always maintain excellent buoyancy.

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Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 | 13ft Angler – Single Person, Sit On Top Fishing Kayak w/Paddle & Dual Position Hero Seat

The vibe Sea Ghost 130 is a little more expensive than other duck boats in this list, but it is a superior choice of watercraft with plenty of advanced features. This is an incredibly stable design, allowing you to sit or stand when out on the water. The base of standing platform is also slip resistant, making it a suitable option for anglers or those that need to move around while standing and searching for targets.

The streamlined design of this kayak will also ensure you enjoy fast cruise speeds and flexible tracking performance. The rudder can also be controlled with your toes, allowing you to maintain good manoeuvrability of your vessel, even when your hands are full. This also means you have to rely on paddles less, saving your energies for handling weapons or rods. This kayak is also suited to more challenging conditions, including harsh winds and stronger currents.

The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 will not disappoint when it comes to comfort either. The included Hero seat comes with superior padding, with an adjustable position so you can enjoy a customised recline. Adjustable foot braces are also included, ensuring the cockpit can configured to any individual user. There is also a great deal of storage potential on offer here. This kayak includes a dual-hinged console with watertight housing, along with cargo bags and a magnetic tackle tray. This provides you with the all the storage you will need for angling and duck hunting. Fishing rod holders, a fish finder mount and accessory gear racks also feature as standard.

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Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind, Marsh Brown

If you are looking for complete versatility, the Beavertail Final Attack is a perfect choice of duck hunting kayak. This craft combines the functionality of a conventional hunting kayak with a pit blind, providing you with concealed coverage when hunting on and off the water. The low profile design means the craft will be easily concealed, even when disguised among short vegetation. However, despite its small size, this craft is deep enough to comfortably house a single occupant, along with a good amount of gear.

The Beavertail Final Attack also includes an integrated transom. This will allow you to quickly and easily attach an electric motor of choice. If you are looking to do away with paddles and want to keep your hands free for other things, the addition of a transom is a must. This also means you can keep as much cockpit space as possible free for storing hunting accessories and more cumbersome gear.

This craft also included discreet wheels that make it very portable. The wheels make it simple to get your craft from your vehicle to the water and back again. The wheels are also useful when using this craft as a pit blind, providing you complete portability on solid ground. The integrated wheels might be small, but they are robust enough to handle a range of surface conditions. You can easily drag this kayak across sand, mud and flooded soil without putting in too much effort.

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BKC FK184 9′ Solo Sit-On-Top Kayak w/Premium Memory Foam Seat -Paddle and Fishing Rod Holders Included

The PKC FK184 sit-on kayak offers a wide variety of practical features that make this an ideal choice of craft for angling and duck hunting. Comfortable seating is included as a standard feature here. With memory foam padding at the seat base and backrest, you can sit comfortably in this kayak for hours. This craft is also engineered with stability in mind. This kayak can be used in shallow water and deeper bodies of water alike. It will also cope with varying current conditions. The sturdy platform provides you with a stable base to sit and stand on, allowing you to move around when it comes to retrieving accessories or reaching for your rod or rifle.

You can also look forward to a good amount of storage here. The BKC FK184 boasts a substantial amount of watertight storage capacity, along with a sizeable cargo area for storing larger accessories. With so much storage on offer, this kayak is a good fit for those who prefer to spend hours at a time on the water, without having to return to shore for additional provisions.

This kayak also comes with a good selection of practical accessories. A heavy-duty rolling cart is included so you can transport your craft to and from the water. You will also find a dry bag included so you can store sensitive gear without the worry of water getting to it. A deluxe paddle leash is also included in this bundle, ensuring your paddles never stray too far from your craft. A BKC cooler is also included with the craft and other accessories. This large cooler is perfect for storing consumables for long days on the water, but can also be used to store bait when fishing or hunting.

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Beavertail 400238 Phantom Marsh Brown Bird / Duck Hunting Kayak / Boat

The Beavertail Phantom has been designed with waterfowl hunting in mind. This heavy-duty kayak has all the features you need to ensure a successful hunting trip. The overall build of this craft is very impressive. The polyethylene construction makes it particularly robust and designed to cope with regular exposure to the elements, as well as occasional impacts. The one-piece construction also results in a relatively low profile design. This means you can sit relatively close to the surface of the water, providing you with excellent camouflage when in the mist of vegetation.

This catamaran-style boat also offers exceptional stability, with the twin hull ensuring you can manoeuvre around without the worry of toppling into the water. The non-skid platform base means you can always keep steady on your feet when firing your rifle or throwing out decoys. The inner structure of the craft has also been bolstered with foam to provide you with additional buoyancy. Comfortable design has also been taken into account. The contoured seat provides you with high levels of comfort and support, while the molded footrests allow you to maintain proper leg positioning and posture.

Thanks to the inclusion of integrated handle recesses, it is relatively easy to carry this craft from your vehicle to the water and back again. You also have a good deal of storage provided here. A watertight compartment in the rear provides you with a dry storage solution for all those hunting extras and essentials.

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Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles

If you prefer to hunt alongside a friend, this tandem fishing kayak is a good choice of watercraft. Made from high-density polyethylene, this kayak is exceptionally strong and durable. It is also backed by a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, providing you with peace of mind that your vessel will serve you well for as long as possible.

The generous interior and weight capacity of this kayak also sets it apart from smaller models in this shortlist. Although this kayak provides ample room for two people, it can be reconfigured to accommodate a third. With a total weight capacity of 500 pounds, this craft will easily cope with two occupants and a good deal of accessories and hunting gear.

This tandem kayak also includes a healthy selection of extras. Two double paddles are included, along with paddle clips. You will also find three fishing pole holders and two padded backrests included so you can configure your craft to your liking. A spacious hatch compartment is also included, providing you with a dry storage solution.

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Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

If you want the flexibility of an inflatable kayak, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado is a good choice. This tandem kayak boasts a tough PVC construction that has been engineered for use on lakes and calmer waters. A hardy tarpaulin base and rugged nylon cover also adds to the overall durability of this kayak, protecting you against punctures and other everyday damage.

Although some kayakers are weary of inflatable models, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado has some welcome contingencies in place. Multiple air chambers are also included in the design of this kayak, allowing your craft to stay afloat if you do experience a puncture when paddling on the water. It also features an airtight system that ensures air pressure will not escape after inflation.

This inflatable kayak also includes plenty of storage capacity for all of your gear. You will also find rod holders included, with adjustable setting so you can enjoy hands-free angling. This kayak also allows you to add a trolling motor to your craft, broadening your use and allowing you to cruise without a paddle.

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The Best Duck Hunting Kayak Options

All of the kayaks we have discussed above would make a sensible investment, but some are better suited to individual requirements. If you are looking for something that is easy to navigate, the Feel Free Lure is a definite contender. Not only is this kayak easy to control, it is one of the more stable options on the market. The wide platform makes it easy to stand while you cast off with a fishing rod, line up your rifle on a target or throw out decoys. It also boasts a very comfortable seating solution with user-friendly adjustments.

The Pelican Maxim 100X is another great option you should seriously consider. This lightweight kayak is very easy to transport, while the low profile design also makes it a good option for those looking for a stealthy watercraft. It also offers a good amount of integrated storage, with a generous cockpit table also included. The Maxim 100X is also very comfortable, with adjustable seating and footrests provided so you can enjoy a relaxed day on the water.

If you like hunting on land and water, the Beavertail Final Attack is another ideal pick. This kayak can be used as both a watercraft and pit blind. Although relatively stripped-back in its design, this heavy-duty craft offers all the functionality you need. Integrated wheels also make it easy to drag this craft to the water, while the wheels also perform well on land. You also have the option to add an electric motor to your kayak, saving you the effort of putting in the effort when paddling.


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